10 October 2012

Becoming Acquainted

Lately blogging has felt like kind of a drag because I'm so busy doing things I have to that I've got no time (or energy) for those that I want to do. Then my camera broke and I realized how much I love doing this and having some kind of creative outlet to experiment with photography and writing. I sucked it up, killed the stress-monster inside of me and bought a new camera. Canon T3i, meet the blog!
I'm doing my best to carve out time to become acquainted with my camera and to dedicate time to blogging because its really what keeps me sane most days. I'm terrified to take it outside for pictures because that's what caused the untimely death of my previous camera so, as the days get shorter I will be shooting more indoors and hopefully perfecting that!

Here is what I wore to work yesterday, and is pretty typical for autumn. I was hesitant to wear tights because then summer would really, truly be over, but once they were on I was reminded of how cozy and comfortable they are. So long summer! I don't even miss bare legs. Even though there is a chill in the air New York's subways, true to form, are still warm and soupy so this vintage sleeveless shell has been a real lifesaver. While traversing the city I just slip on my soft old trench coat above-ground and am set to go.
Vintage shell top
Pleated American Apparel skirt
AA tights
vintage selby pumps
vintage purse
H&M trench coat
vintage brooch


  1. I can completely empathise. I left my SLR dangling on a bathroom hook a few weeks ago...I know...what was I thinking!! I still don't think I've fully recovered from the sound of it crashing to the ground!! But not having the camera for a few weeks made me completely reconsider blogging and how much I actually love it. It's all about finding a balance. I love this outfit and the lovely 70s vibe of that pretty paisley top! PS: Glad you're back in the game :)

  2. I was talking about this the other day, it all happens in slow motion! But yes, precisely. I felt totally weird and frustrated not being able to take pictures and blog.
    Thanks for reading :)

  3. OOOOO I love the blouse, the skirt, the shoes, the colors, everything. I definitely understand the no-time-for-blogging dilemma.. Glad you're making time for it. Also, your blog layout wallpaper (or whatever it's called) is so pretty! Love.

  4. I collage'd that shit so thanks ;) I'm taking your advice and wearing lots of black. Its the season of the witch and all.

  5. you are so beautiful! love your outfit

  6. what a lovely outfit :)


  7. I love this outfit, that top is the perfect autumn print! You look beautiful. Sorry about your camera, I was without one for a while and I really missed blogging too,I never thought it would be that important to me. I'm glad you're enjoying it again xo

  8. Pretty autumnal colors, nice tights. With the temperature dropping, we have to concede Summer is over.

  9. Beautiful outfit! Very 60s. I love that little top, and have been sporting many similar ones lately. They seem to go with everything! New cameras are so exciting, I recently just got one too and its hard to put it down. Glad to see you blogging!

  10. Yayyy, new camera!

  11. I was out with mine a few times in the wind this spring. Luckily made it to it before it blew over each time, but sheesh, heart-stopping moments.

  12. damianne_langedijk@hotmail.comOctober 11, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Lovely look, I adore your tights! xxx

  13. First of all, your new blog layout is absolutely charming. I'm in love.

    And second of all, this is a lovely look! I'm always in awe of how well you do indoor photography.


  14. nice post.


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