27 October 2012

House of Maryanne Giveaway Winner

These photos come from the House of Maryanne True Prep Lookbook, and are absolutely stunning. The shop which is direct from Facebook* is stocked with vintage items and I highly recommend it for quality vintage as well as lots of great styling ideas.
*Completely genius!

Visit the House of Maryanne shop
See more of the lookbook
I'm also, pleased to announce that the winner of the House of Maryanne Giveaway is Annebeth of The Styling Dutchman!

photos by: Lauren Bamford

24 October 2012

Brooklyn Monday

On Monday after work I went to meet my mom and her friend Taryn in Brooklyn. I took pictures with my cellphone because I'm afraid to bring my camera out with me still. When I came out of the subway the sky looked like cotton candy on an Empire State Building stick.
I met them at the Wythe Hotel.
They were in the bar downstairs having a drink when I arrived.
Next stop at the rooftop bar to drink wine and look out over New York.
We walked along Wythe with one restaurant in mind, but Isa smelled so delicious that we had to eat there.
The beautiful cocktail menu. I think I had a sip of Taryn's delicious Hunny Bunny cocktail that had smoked salt and honey syrup in tequila.
My mom in a supercute fox tee shirt!
The most perfect pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe and thin crispy crust.
After the pizza we had steak, chicken and sweet potatoes but I was too hungry to take a picture. We walked Taryn to the Hotel and my mom drove me to my apartment on her way home.

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23 October 2012

Lingering Summer feelings

This past weekend felt just like all the best parts of summer packed into two days. It was warm, sunny and relaxed like a tiny slice of summer vacation. I stayed out until Friday night turned into Saturday morning and slept in until it was too bright in my apartment to keep my eyes closed. In shorts, an old tee shirt and my raggedy flats I poked around in stores and wandered in the Manhattan sunshine. Then took a long nap while the sun set and spent the night eating grilled cheese sandwiches and having beers with my friends. I'm still really nervous about bringing my camera around with me just now though. Trust me, it was a lovely night. The weather was chilly and we kicked around fallen leaves, but that pervasive summer-freedom feeling was still in the air.
On Sunday I threw open the windows in my apartment, perhaps for the last time this year, while I made breakfast and got dressed. I headed out for a long aimless walk through the neighborhood. Once I was home the sun was going down and the air was chilly again but I put on a sweater and left the windows open anyway because it still felt a little like summer.
Vintage dress
Paul et Joe sister tee shirt
Abercrombie denim jacket (circa 2003)
Steve Madden booties
Antoine et Lili purse

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18 October 2012

House of Maryanne X Happy, Honey & Lark

A few months ago I stumbled upon a perfectly styled vintage look book for House of Maryanne's spring collection, True Prep. I love the idea of curating a vintage collection for sale around a single theme, it makes it easier to envision creating outfits around a piece or envisioning it fitting into your wardrobe.
When Maryanne contacted me to ask if I would like to style a piece from the online store I was really excited. Though the company is based out of Australia where its currently spring time, the collection includes pieces that can cross the world and the seasons.
I chose a playful, strappy black and white polka dotted jumpsuit with a drawstring waist and wide legs. The wide pant legs and high waist reminded me of the pants women wore in the early 1940's in the US. When I think of "preppy" I often think of the all-American styling of that era.

House of Maryanne will also be giving one lucky reader an item from the shop!
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Good luck!

The giveaway will end on Thursday, October 25th and I will announce the winner on Friday, October 26th.

17 October 2012

Do the twist

Just another quick outfit post for today. I've actually had these shoes for years, but they are kind of hard to walk in and now I'm that girl with the sneakers on the train with her heels in her bag. For some reason that really annoys me. Not the fact that my shoes are impossibly high and cause me to nearly break both ankles at least twice every time I wear them, but that I'm shoving them in a purse instead of showing them off. Its kind of twisted, actually.
Free People sweater via TJMaxx
BDG skirt
Jefferey Campbell shoes
vintage purse

15 October 2012

Monday Monday

I'm sitting here curled up on my couch in my warm apartment, listening to the rain falling outside and it feels so good to be home. This is what I wore to work on a gloomy Monday. Super simple button down and skirt combo with a lot of favorites all in one outfit.
Madewell blouse
American Apparel skirt
vintage Selby pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs purse
Listened to the Mamas and the Papas, Monday Monday to brighten up my day.

11 October 2012

'We've got a lot, don't you dare forget that'

It is officially autumn when I start listening to Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Broadripple is Burning. In the beginning of my final year at college I found their brand new album in a pile of CD's at the student radio station and listened to it on repeat until all the leaves had fallen and the smell of snow hung heavy in the air. That was my last year living in central Pennsylvania where the autumn colors are daylight fireworks. The passage of the seasons sneaks up on me in New York and it changes instantaneously. I loved easing into each season, seeing the daily changes, and slowly soaking in the sound of a single band over the course of a few weeks.
While my outfit has very little to do with my musical signal that the seasons have changed, it does feel like very seasonally appropriate attire. I picked up this secondhand Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt a few weeks ago at Beacon's Closet. The rich colors and geometric pattern drew me to it initially, but the kicky inverted pleats and twirl factor made it an immediate favorite. I paired it with autumnal staples including my trusty vintage Selby pumps and cozy navy sweater.
American Apparel sweater
Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt via Beacon's Closet
vintage Selby pumps
vintage Coach purse

10 October 2012

Becoming Acquainted

Lately blogging has felt like kind of a drag because I'm so busy doing things I have to that I've got no time (or energy) for those that I want to do. Then my camera broke and I realized how much I love doing this and having some kind of creative outlet to experiment with photography and writing. I sucked it up, killed the stress-monster inside of me and bought a new camera. Canon T3i, meet the blog!
I'm doing my best to carve out time to become acquainted with my camera and to dedicate time to blogging because its really what keeps me sane most days. I'm terrified to take it outside for pictures because that's what caused the untimely death of my previous camera so, as the days get shorter I will be shooting more indoors and hopefully perfecting that!

Here is what I wore to work yesterday, and is pretty typical for autumn. I was hesitant to wear tights because then summer would really, truly be over, but once they were on I was reminded of how cozy and comfortable they are. So long summer! I don't even miss bare legs. Even though there is a chill in the air New York's subways, true to form, are still warm and soupy so this vintage sleeveless shell has been a real lifesaver. While traversing the city I just slip on my soft old trench coat above-ground and am set to go.
Vintage shell top
Pleated American Apparel skirt
AA tights
vintage selby pumps
vintage purse
H&M trench coat
vintage brooch

04 October 2012

Instagram September

September was one of the best months I've had in a long time. I met some lovely new friends and started a few really cool things. I also broke my camera, which forced me to use my phone or for the first time in a long time just sitting back and enjoying life without taking photos.
Here's a little peek through Instagram.
I decorated a wall in my apartment with pink roses.
The blogger picnic!
Rich got the car he drove in high school going.
Tons of girl bonding at the Rookie reading and the all-girls slumber party.
Ira glass being a radio superstar and me being a creep. Dance, dance, dance at the Rookie party.
The 90's and cats and a video that made me laugh for days. Someone get me a kitten!
My new tomato red vintage sweater.
Painted the foyer shelf blue and placed my red candle holder from Paris on it.
Wear my comfiest clothes out east on Long Island.
I went completely shoe crazy. If you find a pile of beautiful vintage shoes all in your (rather large) size just buy them all!
My new ZOMG sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell, I swear I kept dreaming about them.

How was your September?
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