30 September 2012

Typical Sunday Style

So, blog business is actually a bit annoying to discuss on the blog, but I should fill you in on my hiatus.
First, I got a blog facelift! The wonderful Steph-Anne from Yellow & Savvy gave this space a beautiful new look. There are still a few minor changes to make, but I'm so happy at how lovely its looking.
Second, my camera broke and when I took it to get fixed I found out that because its an older model, its not worth it to get it fixed since I was saving to buy a new one in the next few months anyway. So now I'm researching new cameras and lenses and hope to be back in action within the week.
Third, I've had some very cool side projects going on that you will get full disclosure on as soon as they are ready to go!
Rich, wonderful boyfriend he is, lent me his point and shoot until I can get it together. He also spent the whole day with me, which I absolutely love. He helped me around the apartment with crazy things like hanging wires and changing the shower head. We meant to go to a block party on my street but we thought it would be good to take a short nap first. That turned into a very long nap and when we woke up it was too chilly and the street party had been cleaned up. We took advantage of the traffic free street and Rich snapped my snoozy Sunday outfit and my makeup free face. Its very 90's mom-chic (think Charlie's mom from The Santa Clause).
Petit Bateau Marinière
vintage cardigan
Hudson Nico jeans
vintage Etienne Aigner loafers
vintage Coach purse


  1. Mom-chic, I love it :) this is an outfit I'd easily wear myself on a lazy Sunday <3 you look great. I like the subtle sailor-esque vibe and you look beautiful even without a hint of makeup.
    Life is a romantic poem

  2. Yeah for mom chic! You look lovely and I love the blog facelift :)

    Maria xxx

  3. You look charming in your natural state.

  4. I love your blog facelift, very pretty! This outfit is great as well, pretty but so comfy looking. Perfect for a lazy Sunday xo

  5. Firstly, loving the new look of the blog! Secondly, your Sunday casual outfit is like 10x more chic than my day-to-day outfits, into which I put actual effort. Damn you.

  6. cutest cozy outfit! cant wait to hear ab the side projects!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. your blog looks well organized and fun at the same time...great balance! and naps that go a bit longer than expected leave me in a wonderful, peaceful foggy haze...i love that! have a great week!!


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