18 September 2012


Between the end of summer heat and the early fall breezes* transitional dressing is in full swing. I used to think it was daunting not being able to fully layer up or just throw on a dress and sandals. As a remedy, I've come up with a simple formula. Start with a tee shirt and a breezy skirt (a simple summer outfit on its own), add smart shoes and a cardigan and top with a velour hat to keep the wind from messing up your hair.
Target Tee with DIY crop-job
Club Monaco skirt (2010)
JCrew Jackie Cardigan
vintage navy blue hat from my grandma
vintage Selby flats

*Those same breezes that knocked my camera off the tripod and majorly broke it. Hopefully I'll have it fixed soon, but until then its just me and my iPhone.


  1. Love, love your outfit. I'm glad to see you wear a hat.

  2. Aw, I saw something about your camera... that totally sucks. Hope you get it fixed soon. :(

  3. Great tips! And I'm sorry about your camera : (

  4. This is a wonderful transitional outfit! I usually do the cardigan thing and change my shoes to something less sandal-like - just like you've done here! I need to break out my hats again too. I can't wait for the weather to cool down enough for me to wear my fall/winter hats.

  5. I adore this outfit, I hope you manage to get your camera fixed soon!

    Maria xxx

  6. That's basically my greatest fear, that my camera will be knocked off my tripod. I hope you fix yours soon. Also, I love your outfit. That skirt is so pretty, I really need more skirts in that style.

  7. love your skirt. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  8. Looks great! Sorry to hear about your camera! Same thing almost happened to me yesterday!

  9. I love this outfit! You look so smart + ready for Fall!! :) PS I hope your camera will be okay!!

  10. This outfit looks so easy and put together! Love the stripes with the red!

  11. Love this sweet look. www.altmoda.com

  12. oh you perfect little thing! i love that hat on you <3

  13. a perfect solution to the in between weather! love the way it all comes together!

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  15. Oh I love this outfit <3 I wish I could look that way right now! But is still to cold here :(
    Pretty pretty pretty.

    See you :)

  16. Stop being so cute all the time. Looove those flats as well. And your face.

  17. Absolutely adorable! The skirt and hat are perfect. The whole outfit is perfect, actually!


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