05 September 2012

Snapshot summertime

Confession: I feel like I've been kind of a lame blogger this summer. OK, maybe this entire year. Lately it feels hard to take my camera out with me because I feel like the people I'm with are sick of it or think I'm weird or something. Its probably just me though. Self consciousness from always having a camera slung over one arm and the weight of it dragging me down, figuratively and physically. I'm taking baby steps to feel at peace with my love of documenting the everyday, starting with a few snapshots of this past weekend.
Of course I was in Greenport to walk under leafy green trees, collect seashells and to clink glasses with friends.
We started the day with a car show
Went to farm stand for flowers and fruit
To the beach with us bums
Heading into town
Past the row of boats
Greenport Harbor Brewery for a fill up
After this I stopped taking pictures. We drank beers and grilled burgers and eggplant. Then a tiny pause for me when I needed an after dinner nap and then more beer. Cheers!


  1. I know what you mean. Some of my best friends came down for Labor Day weekend and I didn't take one stinking picture. Not even on Instagram!

  2. Kallie! I'm so in love with your new layout. everything is so clean and beautiful!
    also, i totally get you about feeling self conscious about taking pictures. there are only certain people that i feel ok about taking photos of everything around. haha

  3. I love that first shot and the one at the beach. I'm making denim shorts for the coming (southern hemisphere) summer, yours gave me another idea, so thanks! I like the new look. :)

    Love from Jo'burg

    PS: I'm also self-conscious about being that weirdo clicking away at people.

  4. This looks lovely, I have spent my entire summer enjoying myself rather than taking photos, oops!

    Maria xxx

  5. I never get tired of you taking pictures! I love my personal paparazzi :)

  6. I sometimes get worried that my friends are sick of me always taking photos, or worse asking them to quickly take a photo of me, but whenever I bring it up they tell me to stop being silly. At least once a week I like to go out without my camera though, just to give myself some balance. This looks like a great day, and your friends don't look annoyed by being your models at all, in fact they are probably glad you are documenting all their adventures xo

  7. Same! I was thankful for my iPhone though when something was too good to not photograph!!

  8. If it's any solace, I didn't notice you were being a lame blogger! I find my friends don't mind me slinging around my camera, because everyone likes having photos of themselves :)

  9. Liking the new layout/graphics. Very nice. I think summer is always the time for forgetting to take photos and just enjoy the time. Have to say i hadn't noticed any lapses though. I am a bit jealous of your beach-y day and that car is a great colour.

  10. I find people always moan and complain at the time but they love it when you have summer documented for them afterwards. I still don't feel I can put my friends and casual days on my blog... I'm thinking of starting another more lifestyle/travel sister blog so I can blog people without subjecting them to being on my fashion blog, pfff.

  11. Well, I'm glad you did take your camera; these look like great photos and great memories to treasure.


  12. Laura (White Winters)September 7, 2012 at 1:12 AM

    I always feel awkward carrying my camera around with me. It looks like you had a nice time.



  13. Actively documenting your day-to-day life is both a burden and a blessing. It's wonderful to have something to look back on, and I find that I remember more of the actual event if I have photos to document it. On the other hand, it can make it a bit difficult to truly live in the moment. But I do enjoy reading your personal blogposts :) and I love the new blog design!


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