12 September 2012

Picnicking In Style

The Third Annual Blogger Picnic hosted by Cloth was this past Sunday in Central Park, and it was one of the best afternoons I've had since moving to New York City. It is so amazing being around such inspiring and supportive women, I can't even describe the feeling. We talked about vintage clothes, Harry Potter, our jobs and the future, how we pose in outfit shots and crazy tales of high school woe and awesomeness.
I'm sure if you follow any of these girls or me on Twitter/Instagram/etc. you've seen a ton of pictures and #Prune. I read somewhere that the Olsen twins say the word "prune" and that's how they get their lips like that in photos, so we tried it (a lot).
Liz, Kater and Emily. Photo humor.
Christina, Emily and Katie. Candid camera.
Katie, being beautiful.
Christina vogueing with the balloons at zee bloggar picnic!
Rosie, Kennedy, Wray, Siri and Emma in another stealth camera shot across the picnic blanket.
Emily, Katie and Kendall modelling.
Moi! In a vintage dress, old Vans sneakers from college and my Fjallraven backpack.

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  1. Looks like a lovely time!

  2. What a lovely picnic!! PS I lovelovelove your new blog design!! xo

  3. Wonderful dress. Glad you were able to join and have a fun time with them!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love your vintage dress. The new blog design is beautiful!

  5. Ughhh one of these times I am going to make it to this thing. Looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you & Rosie met too! New Hampshire play-date soon!

  6. Blah, what I should have done after Ontario instead of boring myself silly in boring Vancouver! Looks like a great day out... it's always trippy seeing so many bloggers I read individually together!

  7. I had a conversation with someone about how they never know where we (as in you and me) are because we travel so much. And I'm like...me? hahaha

  8. looks like you had a perfect time :)

  9. these are so lovely! it was such a great day and im so glad i had the chance to meet you :) ps: i wonder what we were all looking at it in that one pic, i look very disturbed?

  10. Those dancers making the pyramids and leaping around. I was also probably making that face at them too.


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