26 September 2012

One to Twenty: September

Since my camera is still broken, I thought it might be fun to check in with my Question A Day journal that I got for Christmas. Every day it asks something, one question for every day of the year and then repeats itself for 5 years. When its done its going to be quite a collection of my private thoughts and dreams from the age of 25 to 30. Maybe someday my great-great grand daughter will read it and know all about me when I was young.
Here are todays answers for 20 days in September:
1.What was the last wedding you attended? Sam and RĂ©mi's Paris wedding in June, with pictures from the morning and the evening
2.Is your home/apartment clean? Yes, always. I can't function with untidiness.
3.Where have you found evidence of a higher power? In human nature and tendencies to be good and kind.
4.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 30. Holy shit. Happy, working at a career I love, probably not in New York.
5.Today you learned... Broccoli tastes amazing with parmesan cheese
6.What was the last online video clip you watched? The video of "sad Maggie" that Juli sent me on Twitter. On stressful sad days it is always good to look at puppies.
7.What's the newest thing you're wearing today? My needlepoint purse, which is new to me but also the oldest item in age.
8.Who are you jealous of? Not many people anymore. I've come to realize that the grass may seem greener but everyone has their hard days and struggles.
9.What comes to mind when you think of fear? Subway tracks. Terrified of the speeding trains, rats and filth.
10.This is utterly confounding...Blog Facebook pages. Seriously.
11.What advice would you give a second grader? Never grow up in your heart. Always believe in Santa and fairies and magic.
12.What are you chasing at the moment? Dreams, always.
13.Write down a minor but chronic problem? Short attention span, sometimes I can think of 20 different things at once but the one I need.
14.Who are the most important people in your life? They know already.
15.What would you want to study at school? Art History of Fashion/Dress, creative writing, illustration and sewing.
16.What's your favorite snack food? Cheez-It's--so addicting and salty.
17.What's your favorite television show? Parks & Rec and Downton Abbey, can't have just one!
18.When was the last time you went dancing? The night of the Rookie party. Its been far too long.
19.Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? I'm an obsessive planner who's plans fly out the window.
20.How hungry are you right now? Not very, just had dinner!

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