13 September 2012

Last Night, I Was In Love With The Universe (And It Was Mutual)

Dancing, drinking, singing and above all, FAN-GIRLING in my case. Last night was the most awesome weeknight I've had since college. I hopped on line at the Ace Hotel for the Rookie 1st Anniversary Party around 8, and stayed there until a group of people I know formed and we were let in. As we were walking in, Tennessee Thomas was standing near us and I refrained from saying hi or freaking out like last time (exerting super human levels of self control and I'm a huge dork). Once we were inside we got busy drinking The Bitchface cocktails and listening to readings by the talented Rookie writers. Stories were shared and the DJ got busy blasting through the past 50 years of pop music and the room exploded into a wild dance party. It was rad.
Vintage dress appreciation with Katie, Erin and Emily on the line outside.
Me, Christina and Emily
Christina and Katie
Shiny party decorations and Rookie lovers
Katie and Emma
So I didn't speak to them or anything creepy like that, but I took a stealth pic which might be even creepier. In the back of the crowd on a chair is Alexa Chung and just a bit in front of her is Tennessee Thomas. Two of the women who's style I love. Full Disclosure: Taking this picture made me feel like the paparazzi.
Waiting for the music near its source
Then we started dancing and my camera went away but phones always stays close.
Oh hey, its Ira Glass! I danced near him during Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again, and was positive that the universe was in love with me.
We danced until the music stopped and I summed up the night as perfect and the week as one of the best I've had in NY.

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  1. girrll this looks the best night EVER. that instagram picture of you dancing is my favorite. :)
    are these the kinds of shenanigans that only happen in New York City? so jealous!!

  2. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time!!! It looks so cool. I so wish I could attend parties like this. They sound incredible!

  3. Mannnn this looks fun fun fun fun fun. Also I am in love with Ira Glass sooooooooooo

  4. He's so handsome. I was listening to This American Life before leaving for the party and then he was there...it was like...ahhhh FATEEEE

  5. ahhh it looks like so much fun. i'd love to go to a gigantic girl party like that.

    and your top/emily's dress totally match, haha.

  6. Looks fantastic, little bit jealous.... (a lot)

  7. Oh this looks like so much fun! Everyone is wearing such cute outfits too x Sushi

  8. This is so beautiful. Ira Glass AND Alexa Chung AND Tennessee Thomas?? I just can't. It's too good.

  9. That looks like the most awesome party, ever!


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