30 September 2012

Typical Sunday Style

So, blog business is actually a bit annoying to discuss on the blog, but I should fill you in on my hiatus.
First, I got a blog facelift! The wonderful Steph-Anne from Yellow & Savvy gave this space a beautiful new look. There are still a few minor changes to make, but I'm so happy at how lovely its looking.
Second, my camera broke and when I took it to get fixed I found out that because its an older model, its not worth it to get it fixed since I was saving to buy a new one in the next few months anyway. So now I'm researching new cameras and lenses and hope to be back in action within the week.
Third, I've had some very cool side projects going on that you will get full disclosure on as soon as they are ready to go!
Rich, wonderful boyfriend he is, lent me his point and shoot until I can get it together. He also spent the whole day with me, which I absolutely love. He helped me around the apartment with crazy things like hanging wires and changing the shower head. We meant to go to a block party on my street but we thought it would be good to take a short nap first. That turned into a very long nap and when we woke up it was too chilly and the street party had been cleaned up. We took advantage of the traffic free street and Rich snapped my snoozy Sunday outfit and my makeup free face. Its very 90's mom-chic (think Charlie's mom from The Santa Clause).
Petit Bateau Marinière
vintage cardigan
Hudson Nico jeans
vintage Etienne Aigner loafers
vintage Coach purse

26 September 2012

One to Twenty: September

Since my camera is still broken, I thought it might be fun to check in with my Question A Day journal that I got for Christmas. Every day it asks something, one question for every day of the year and then repeats itself for 5 years. When its done its going to be quite a collection of my private thoughts and dreams from the age of 25 to 30. Maybe someday my great-great grand daughter will read it and know all about me when I was young.
Here are todays answers for 20 days in September:
1.What was the last wedding you attended? Sam and Rémi's Paris wedding in June, with pictures from the morning and the evening
2.Is your home/apartment clean? Yes, always. I can't function with untidiness.
3.Where have you found evidence of a higher power? In human nature and tendencies to be good and kind.
4.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 30. Holy shit. Happy, working at a career I love, probably not in New York.
5.Today you learned... Broccoli tastes amazing with parmesan cheese
6.What was the last online video clip you watched? The video of "sad Maggie" that Juli sent me on Twitter. On stressful sad days it is always good to look at puppies.
7.What's the newest thing you're wearing today? My needlepoint purse, which is new to me but also the oldest item in age.
8.Who are you jealous of? Not many people anymore. I've come to realize that the grass may seem greener but everyone has their hard days and struggles.
9.What comes to mind when you think of fear? Subway tracks. Terrified of the speeding trains, rats and filth.
10.This is utterly confounding...Blog Facebook pages. Seriously.
11.What advice would you give a second grader? Never grow up in your heart. Always believe in Santa and fairies and magic.
12.What are you chasing at the moment? Dreams, always.
13.Write down a minor but chronic problem? Short attention span, sometimes I can think of 20 different things at once but the one I need.
14.Who are the most important people in your life? They know already.
15.What would you want to study at school? Art History of Fashion/Dress, creative writing, illustration and sewing.
16.What's your favorite snack food? Cheez-It's--so addicting and salty.
17.What's your favorite television show? Parks & Rec and Downton Abbey, can't have just one!
18.When was the last time you went dancing? The night of the Rookie party. Its been far too long.
19.Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? I'm an obsessive planner who's plans fly out the window.
20.How hungry are you right now? Not very, just had dinner!

24 September 2012

Deep Reds

A girl can dream of expensive clothing for wearing on chilly fall days for running errands, drinking pumpkin flavored drinks and meeting with friends. I'm really feeling deep reds and burgundies this season, especially paired with golds and monochrome.


Dolce & Gabbana dress, Maria La Rosa thigh high socks, Madewell Boots, Kate Spade bag and earrings, Vince Camuto sunglasses, Nars Pure Matte in Valparaiso


Miu Miu top and skirt, Topshop pumps, Karen Walker sunglasses, Nixon watch, vintage clutch, Chanel Rouge lipstick


Suno woodland printed dress, Opening Ceremony boots, Miu Miu purse, Nars nailpolish, Kate Spade ring, Stella McCartney hat, Tocca perfume in Cleopatra

18 September 2012


Between the end of summer heat and the early fall breezes* transitional dressing is in full swing. I used to think it was daunting not being able to fully layer up or just throw on a dress and sandals. As a remedy, I've come up with a simple formula. Start with a tee shirt and a breezy skirt (a simple summer outfit on its own), add smart shoes and a cardigan and top with a velour hat to keep the wind from messing up your hair.
Target Tee with DIY crop-job
Club Monaco skirt (2010)
JCrew Jackie Cardigan
vintage navy blue hat from my grandma
vintage Selby flats

*Those same breezes that knocked my camera off the tripod and majorly broke it. Hopefully I'll have it fixed soon, but until then its just me and my iPhone.

16 September 2012

September Sunlight

September is the most beautiful month, the heat breaks and the sunlight takes on a certain quality that makes the sky glow bright blue. It creates the kind of days where planning an outfit is a chore and clothes are far from my mind. Well, not too far. Last Monday I wore my new Madewell dress, and it made me feel amazing. Perfectly comfortable, but incredibly pretty and polished. Paired with the simplest of accessories, it made for a perfect outfit for glorious September days.
Madewell Daytripper Dress
vintage Selby flats
Longchamp Tote
*Edited to add: Check out Kater wearing the dress in white!

14 September 2012

Made you a mixtape + Bonus photo!

Look at these happy girls. I cannot get enough of this shot! (Photo taken from here)

Moving onto a nice weekend mixtape... this is a conglomaration of what I listen to on repeat. Especially "Cat Black." It's filled with songs about restlessness and freedom and joy. An accurate summation of my summer.

13 September 2012

Last Night, I Was In Love With The Universe (And It Was Mutual)

Dancing, drinking, singing and above all, FAN-GIRLING in my case. Last night was the most awesome weeknight I've had since college. I hopped on line at the Ace Hotel for the Rookie 1st Anniversary Party around 8, and stayed there until a group of people I know formed and we were let in. As we were walking in, Tennessee Thomas was standing near us and I refrained from saying hi or freaking out like last time (exerting super human levels of self control and I'm a huge dork). Once we were inside we got busy drinking The Bitchface cocktails and listening to readings by the talented Rookie writers. Stories were shared and the DJ got busy blasting through the past 50 years of pop music and the room exploded into a wild dance party. It was rad.
Vintage dress appreciation with Katie, Erin and Emily on the line outside.
Me, Christina and Emily
Christina and Katie
Shiny party decorations and Rookie lovers
Katie and Emma
So I didn't speak to them or anything creepy like that, but I took a stealth pic which might be even creepier. In the back of the crowd on a chair is Alexa Chung and just a bit in front of her is Tennessee Thomas. Two of the women who's style I love. Full Disclosure: Taking this picture made me feel like the paparazzi.
Waiting for the music near its source
Then we started dancing and my camera went away but phones always stays close.
Oh hey, its Ira Glass! I danced near him during Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again, and was positive that the universe was in love with me.
We danced until the music stopped and I summed up the night as perfect and the week as one of the best I've had in NY.

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12 September 2012

Slumber Party Babes

Monday night Emily hosted an all-girls slumber party at her apartment.There was nail painting and face masks and girl talk, but since we are very grown-up adults there was also wine and dirt with worms dessert.
All the usual suspects were there, they're such babes, including the ones not pictured below.
Katie and Christina
Emma and Alley and just a little snippet of Emily's beautiful home
Kater, being gorgeous with all the bows on her head
Emily, Katie and Christina

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Picnicking In Style

The Third Annual Blogger Picnic hosted by Cloth was this past Sunday in Central Park, and it was one of the best afternoons I've had since moving to New York City. It is so amazing being around such inspiring and supportive women, I can't even describe the feeling. We talked about vintage clothes, Harry Potter, our jobs and the future, how we pose in outfit shots and crazy tales of high school woe and awesomeness.
I'm sure if you follow any of these girls or me on Twitter/Instagram/etc. you've seen a ton of pictures and #Prune. I read somewhere that the Olsen twins say the word "prune" and that's how they get their lips like that in photos, so we tried it (a lot).
Liz, Kater and Emily. Photo humor.
Christina, Emily and Katie. Candid camera.
Katie, being beautiful.
Christina vogueing with the balloons at zee bloggar picnic!
Rosie, Kennedy, Wray, Siri and Emma in another stealth camera shot across the picnic blanket.
Emily, Katie and Kendall modelling.
Moi! In a vintage dress, old Vans sneakers from college and my Fjallraven backpack.

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11 September 2012

The Bird Cage Boutique Giveaway

I'm pleased to announce that I will be hosting a giveaway this week courtesy of The Bird Cage Boutique, a vintage clothing and accessories shop based in Canada. This online shop is a veritable treasure trove of covetable vintage goodies as well as some modern jewelry pieces. Featured above are my favorite items, the vintage Ikat Purse, the vintage Fairy Earrings and the vintage Blue Lady.
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The contest will close on Friday, September 14, at midnight.
Good luck!

10 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out at Dalaga

The past few days have been crazy! I've never actually participated in anything related to fashion week but last Thursday I went to FNO at Dalaga in Greepoint, Brooklyn. It was a lovely, low key event hanging out with some very inspiring women. Afterwards we strolled over to Lulu's for beer (and the free pizza that comes with it).
Even though I was lugging my camera around with me, I did not take one single picture the entire night. Not. One. However, I was lucky enough to have Liz and her skills present, and someone even took my picture for NY Racked. I was much happier and more excited than I look in the pics, I swear! Don't hate my chronic bitch-face.
Picture from the camera of Liz
Picture screenshot from Racked
Levi's for Opening Ceremony dress via TJMaxx (for $24, it still blows my mind)
Kork Ease Ava Sandals
Vintage bumblebee brooch
Antoine et Lili purse

05 September 2012

Snapshot summertime

Confession: I feel like I've been kind of a lame blogger this summer. OK, maybe this entire year. Lately it feels hard to take my camera out with me because I feel like the people I'm with are sick of it or think I'm weird or something. Its probably just me though. Self consciousness from always having a camera slung over one arm and the weight of it dragging me down, figuratively and physically. I'm taking baby steps to feel at peace with my love of documenting the everyday, starting with a few snapshots of this past weekend.
Of course I was in Greenport to walk under leafy green trees, collect seashells and to clink glasses with friends.
We started the day with a car show
Went to farm stand for flowers and fruit
To the beach with us bums
Heading into town
Past the row of boats
Greenport Harbor Brewery for a fill up
After this I stopped taking pictures. We drank beers and grilled burgers and eggplant. Then a tiny pause for me when I needed an after dinner nap and then more beer. Cheers!

03 September 2012

iPhone Photos August

Just like that, its September. Driving back west from the North Fork this weekend I saw pumpkins and bright red and yellow leaves. This past month I relied heavily on my iPhone for photographing my life. Here are some August photos from the point of view of my iPhone.
Juli came from Philly to visit. The Empire State Building and I were obsessed with the Olympics.
Taking the train out East to Greenport to spend my days in the sun.
Had lunch with my Kindle in Central Park everyday.
Got spoiled by my loving boyfriend and drank delicious wine at Mattebella Vineyard.
Cozy yellow cottage or a grand Victorian. I couldn't decide which to love more.
Vineyard sunsets on the weekend, city sunsets on weekdays.
Fancy dinners with homegrown veggies.
A perfect final weekend of August with friends and the beach in Greenport.
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