20 August 2012

One full month

One full month to be in love with summer but...Winter is coming.
Game of Thrones nerdery aside, it is still the glorious season of fresh peaches and ice cream, sunshine and sea bathing and we will all long for it when it is gone. In an effort to stave off my craving for autumn here are some images that will help rejuvenate my love of Summer for one last hurrah (the season, not the direwolf, sheeeesh!). For one more month, I'll be in love with:
Loading up the car for a trip and days at the beach. Shorts with chambray in varying combinations. Breezy dresses and sneakers or sandals.
Gauzy white dresses, retro bikinis and shorts with blouses. Homemade ice cream, cheese and tomatoes, and wild pizza combos.
The pictures sources can be found here


  1. great pics, I know I'll miss Summer when it's gone, although when it's hot and humid I really do long for autumn.. xx


  2. girlnextdoorfashionAugust 21, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    hey there's me! I feel special!

    Charlotte x

  3. A little game of thrones nerdiness is alright by me :)

  4. I love all these photos! SO much inspiration

  5. Oh my goodness that long gauzy white dress is the best dress I've ever seen! Lucky for me Spring has just started and summer is almost here...


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