31 August 2012

Lonely Dot

My apologies for radio silence, life is busy right now. I just wanted to wish you a happy Friday, and happy Labor Day weekend.These gorgeous images are from Lonely Dot's Editorial page, and are really inspiring my sartorial choices this week with mixed patterns, and that casual thrown together look.
Lonely Dot is made up of Janell Shirtcliff and Alison Koch who curate and sell vintage clothing and furniture respectively.

27 August 2012

Boardwalk and Lighthouse

Last Friday after work I headed home to Long Island to visit my mom and she suggested a beach picnic for dinner. We packed the car, took a short drive to Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island and took a stroll down the boardwalk toward the lighthouse. I love being home, smelling the salty air, bayberries and pine. Its like being a little girl again with my mom, pointing out birds and scents and pink sand.
We did have one awkward moment that you may be aware of if you follow me on Twitter...there is a small area of beach that is clothing optional. When we climbed the wooden stairs over the dunes, my mom turns to me and goes, "Oh, I forgot this was a little bit of a nude beach." Ah well, live and let live.
Our clothes stayed on and I was quite excited to finally wear this playful vintage top with the bright colored yarn detail and ruffled neckline. The shirt is a bit large and of course I never got around to taking it in, luckily it balances out my skimpy shorts for that breezy, beachy vibe.
vintage blouse, American Apparel shorts, Saltwater Sandals, vintage woven purse, Madewell Sunglasses

24 August 2012


This summer my number one favorite dress has been this red and white vintage checker one. I've probably worn it once a week, and as usual my staples have a hard time making it to the blog. This dress evokes everything that is summer from its cheerful picnic pattern and the perfectly worn in fabric to the fact that I can just as easily wear it to lie in the park reading a book or for work.
My mom snapped these the other night when she came to visit and she thought the building behind me was great. We assumed that it was left over from some other time and place, but according to Google it was a working clubhouse for the Powhatan Democratic Club as recently as April.
Vintage dress, No. 6 clogs, vintage basket purse

22 August 2012

Apartment acrobatics

When I was a kid I went to circus camp. There, now you know. It was really an arts camp but I was in love with circus. I lived for my summers on the circus lot. I spent hours upon hours swinging from ropes and trapezes, and when I relaxed it was in the flying trapeze net or curled up on some tumbling mats.
As an adult I don't spend much time swinging around on ropes, though I will scale a scaffolding structure once in awhile. This dress reminds me of the bright, colorful costumes we wore. Even without sequins, I feel like all eyes are on me in this.
Weston Wear Dress, No. 6 corset clogs, vintage woven purse, Nixon Kensington watch

20 August 2012

One full month

One full month to be in love with summer but...Winter is coming.
Game of Thrones nerdery aside, it is still the glorious season of fresh peaches and ice cream, sunshine and sea bathing and we will all long for it when it is gone. In an effort to stave off my craving for autumn here are some images that will help rejuvenate my love of Summer for one last hurrah (the season, not the direwolf, sheeeesh!). For one more month, I'll be in love with:
Loading up the car for a trip and days at the beach. Shorts with chambray in varying combinations. Breezy dresses and sneakers or sandals.
Gauzy white dresses, retro bikinis and shorts with blouses. Homemade ice cream, cheese and tomatoes, and wild pizza combos.
The pictures sources can be found here

14 August 2012

Drinking sunshine

Coincidentally I do not recommend drinking sunshine without the proper SPF. Even though I know better, I got a wicked burn on my chest this weekend. Luckily, these photos are from last Monday evening as the sun was pouring the last of its golden rays down on my little alley way.
There is nothing so pretty to me as blue and yellow together. Those have always been my two favorite colors, and the varying hues of both colors always look beautiful together. From navy blue and canary to rich gold and pale sky blue, it could never look bad.
Forever 21 shirt (2008), Warehouse of London skirt, No. 6 corset clogs, vintage Coach purse, Madewell sunglasses

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13 August 2012

Lavender By the Bay

Last Saturday while out on the North Fork, Rich surprised me with a trip to Lavender by the Bay. We took a short drive to East Marion and pulled up a gravel drive to a charming open-air building set in front of a field of pale green.
Our first stop was into the shop, where an $8 purchase also buys you entry to the field for a half hour. Its packed with all-natural lavender products from candles to cleaning supplies. I settled on two travel candles in little square-tins. Rich picked out a jar of honey and when we were paying the owner of the farm explained that it was true lavender honey made from hives on the property.
Once paid, we made our way down the lane and around a bend to take in the gorgeous field of lavender. While it's not exactly peak season for the purple buds (that's in June by the way) we did manage to find a few near the edge of the fields. There were even bees gently flying from flower to flower while I took pictures.
Stemming from a lifetime of romanticizing living on a farm in the south of France and a love of the delicate scent of lavender this was the perfect Saturday morning outing for me. With a few moments of fantasizing that I lived there among the bees and flowers, and another few moments of real-life conversation with the owner it let me appreciate how wonderful the farm truly is. Even if you aren't quite as taken with farms or flowers as I am anyone can appreciate this beautiful place.
Visit Lavender by the Bay on Long Island or at a NYC Greenmarket.

09 August 2012


Here is how I looked Saturday night for dinner and drinks, and to casually dance in the mouth of a giant shark. At the Greenport train station there is a small railroad museum with a red caboose attached to an old track plow named Jaws III painted like a giant shark with a bad case of gingivitis. Every time I walk past it makes me laugh a little because its so ridiculous, placed in this charming seaside town next to the picturesque train station.
Willow & Clay dress, Saltwater sandals, vintage Coach purse
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Dawn to Dusk

On Friday after work I took the train from Manhattan to Greenport, last stop on the North Fork. Rich was waiting for me at the station and we walked back to his apartment. Because he is wonderful he had already picked up pizza and put a beer in the fridge for dinner. Just as I was finishing my last bite of kale and bacon pizza I decided to take a "short nap," and ended up going to bed at 8PM on a Friday. That my friends is a perfect Friday night in the country because you won't miss a moment of Saturday.
I woke up just before 6 in the morning for a sunrise bike ride.
If you look closely, you can see the osprey in her nest.
After a quick breakfast and stop in town for coffee and Rich surprised me by taking me to a lavender farm (more on that later!).
Stopped at a farm stand across the road to get supplies for lunch and to admire the sunflowers.
After whipping up sandwiches and a cucumber-tomato salad (which I ate all of before leaving the house) we went to the beach and sat away from the crowd. Over on our own secluded peninsula and spent the afternoon watching the fish jump and swapping restaurant suggestions with a nice couple we met while swimming by the shore.
Once the sunburn started to set in we went home to have cold drinks and watch the goldfinches in the yard.
We walked into town to go to Bruce's Cheese Emporium for dinner.
We recommend the cheeseburger and the fish and chips. I was excited that the fish was Long Island porgie.
After dinner Meghan and Rich met us at the apartment to hang out for the night. We had cider and went to the bar and then came back to drink wine, but my camera had already gone to bed.

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