06 July 2012

Zurich in the clouds, Paris on the horizon

The entire trip was a crazy adventure, are you ready for a long post? Here is how it went on the first day of our trip to Paris to be with Sam and Remi for their wedding:
Upon arriving at JFK last Saturday* with Kim we quickly realized that the NY heatwave left even the air conditioned indoors sticky and warm and after a sweaty check in we found a bar below ground for some lunch and cold drinks. Courteney arrived a little after us and to our horror she wasn't allowed on the plane and we were told there was absolutely no way to change it. We all pulled out our phones and started making calls to the airline, chasing down people who worked in the airport and generally making a scene until a woman from Swiss Air came up to me very covertly and motioned for us to follow her. We grabbed our things and scurried to the desk where she checked Court in and strongly advised us to run for it. We ran all the way to the gate and into our seats.
Finally settled, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as the plane sped down the runway. On the upward incline into the hazy sky, a sudden lurch propelled my body forward and we came to a screeching halt. According to the captain the engine had failed. Cue sarcasm: Wonderful.
Of course then we couldn't get a spot at a gate, then even longer to find some stairs for the mechanic to get on the plane. All the while our captain gave us detailed updates, contempt dripping from every word. I thought it was hysterical that he was being so honest about what was going on while not even trying to mask his annoyance at the inefficiency. In the end, it was just an indicator glitch and the engine was perfectly ready to go.
And so we went to Zurich.
Once there, it was supposed to have been a quick connection to the plane to Paris but we missed it. After running around the airport and waiting on about 100 lines we realized we had also missed the next two flights and would have to wait until the evening. The day was spent trying cosmetics and expensive perfume in the duty-free shop, eating with our meal vouchers and using the complementary wi-fi. I ate speck and mushroom soup and fell in love with Coco Mademoiselle perfume.
Finally the plane headed to Paris in the blazing evening sun where Sam was waiting for us. Alongside her was a camera crew filming a documentary about the wedding and they asked us questions like, Was it a hard decision to come all the way here just for a few days for the wedding? Three travel weary but definitive No's were the answer.
We arrived at our borrowed flat by taxi and settled in with wine, champagne and fresh clothes.
Cheers! Sam, Courteney and Kim
The flat
Fresh air on the terrace
Polenta fries by Sam, cooking in the kitchen
Candy colored sunset in the 19th
Sitting down together for Sam's beautiful dinner
Quinoa, beet and orange salad with polenta fries and spiced tofu
After dinner I fell asleep for a few minutes and we went to Sam's to make phone calls and check in at home. After that we explored the streets at night with Sam's friends who live in Paris.
Night walk
The canal at night
Afterwards we went home and slept only a few hours before there was more adventure to be had.
*Edited to clarify, I'm home already and this was last weekend! Hence my lack of posts.


  1. Ouch, sounds like getting there was painfully stressful. Glad you ended up making it in the end, though, hope the rest of your stay goes smoothly! Paris is so gorgeous, I'm green with envy that you're there.

  2. everything looks amazing!!
    kiss kiss,The Indie Chase Blog

  3. Eee, looks amazing so far, (and Sam looks like a really good cook; I remember last time you guys were cooking something delicious too).  The flight sounds like a major pain though, pfff.  Also, it must be so nice to be in Paris with a group of friends, especially one who lives there.
    Congratulations on your interview, by the way.  I loved it. :)

  4. Sounds like a slightly traumatic trek to get to the wedding but all's well that end's well...especially when it ends with such a lovely feast :) One of the best weddings I've ever been to involved a missed flight to Italy and an all-nighter of trains, planes and automobiles to make it so I'm sure that means you're also in for a treat :)

  5.  She is an incredible cook! I'm so lucky my friends were able to come. Back in high school (05) Sam, Kim and I (along with our friend who couldn't make this trip) all went to Paris and it was just as magical. Maybe I love Paris so much because I've always gone with friends or stayed with them every time. Much like Barcelona!!! :)
    Are you sensing a theme here with me traveling to Europe!? I cannot catch a break from JFK. Sheesh. This is twice I've lost a day of a trip to delays. Though this time I think we get some kind of reimbursement.
    And thanks for reading my interview! It was really fun :) Someday its going to actually happen and I hope you and Albert will be there for it with crazy hats!

  6. stunning pictures!! i wish i were there!!

  7. You totally did well to actually get there!!! Beautiful photos!!! Elly - jazzlipsandtulips.blogspot.com

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  9. what a lovely idea :D



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