11 July 2012

Sam and Rémi (pt. 2, the picnic)

After the wedding the party dispersed to change into comfortable clothes and to lend a hand in bringing the food and drinks to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont for the wedding picnic.
Doing a pirate dance, because why not!?
Mingling and drinking with some Paris residents and the NY natives
Drinking champagne, eating some cake. I carried the cake to the picnic after at least 8 glasses of champagne, NBD.
So happy!
At some point Sam just sort of casually led us girls away form the picnic and through the winding paths of the park with the trusty film crew in tow.
My girls
High above the picnic
The film crew, recovering from their climb with us. Shortly after we said goodbye
A final glass of something sparkling
When the sky darkened we cleaned up and all went in separate directions only to meet back up and go to Candelaria late at night for some final drinks
Afterwards we went to the rented flat with the late night revelers and at out on the terrace until the sky turned light blue. Forty-five minutes of sleep later, it was time to go home to New York.


  1. What a quaint, lovely wedding.  I love the easy-going European aura in these pictures.


  2. It looks like an absolutely magical trip! Lovely photos :)


  3. Haha, these photos are awesome! I love how they capture the utter happiness and energy of the day :)
    Congrats to your friends!

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  4. gorgeous pictures!! so fun!! love the chic printed white dress!!

  5. aw wonderful photos! you look absolutely gorgeous :)


  6. Wow this is so charming.  What a lovely wedding.  Your friends look fun!!

  7. this just proves to me that gorgeous people only hang out with gorgeous people...its like you all met at the gorgeous people club! 

  8. Emily_RubySlippersJuly 14, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    I love the wedding pictures you took, Kallie! You did a great job, the couple are gorgeous and it looks like just the type of wedding I'd want to attend!


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