09 July 2012

A dreamy day filled with castles, birds and sparkling lights

Last Monday I woke up in a Paris flat with the sun shining and a breeze blowing along the canal.
We met a family of petits canards on our walk
Then made a stop at my favorite shop in Paris, Antoine et Lili
Inside you are surrounded by bright colors from floor to star-speckled ceiling.
A few streets over you'll find this charming boulangerie and the most divine bread baked with herbs (cumin, thyme and salt)
We took a winding route through streets and parks and then a short metro ride to Gare de Lyon to meet a train to carry us out of the city to Fontainebleau. Upon arriving, we met a peacock
Through the shaded gardens
Into the bright Cour d'Honneur
At lunchtime and we were all starving so we made a picnic on some steps by the Court of the Fountain. There was salad from dinner, falafel, eggplant and oranges
Some little swans came swimming past
After lunch we went inside the giant castle, past beautiful apartments and ballrooms and chapels until we came into my favorite room, the library. Cue all the elaborate Beauty and the Beast fantasies you can think of
And out again onto the cobblestones with tired feet
We stood along the edge of the pond with a fountain at the center and soaked in the sunshine
Then separated for awhile to explore the large park outside the palace
On the far side of the park our group joined together again and watched some people in the distance playing in a drum circle and when the sun was low we caught a train back to Paris. In our own tiny compartment, it was nicknamed The Hogwarts Express
Then there was a very late dinner of steak frites with red wine and we walked to the corner to see the Eiffel Tower
It was already late and the metro would be closing soon. As Paris (and Sam and her boyfriend) went to sleep we decided we needed to see the tower a bit closer
And then a bit closer (a nice man photographing the tower put his wide angle lens on my camera so we could get this shot!)
Closer still when the last light show began and we split a bottle of champagne under the sparkling Eiffel Tower
Well past midnight, we made our way home to sleep


  1. Are you secretly working for the Paris tourist board :) These pictures seriously make me want to hop on the next flight there!! And I love that you often travel with picnics and bottles of champage stowed away in your bag!

  2. How breathtaking!!!! This seems like the most perfect day ever!! All these photos are so dreamy and have me wishing I was in Paris right now!!

  3. One of my best memories is watching the Eiffel Tower light show with one of my best friends while sharing a bottle of champagne. Glad you're enjoying Paris!

  4.  Did you haggle with a sketchy guy for it!? That was the best part haha

  5. As always, you've taken a lot of lovely pictures! That one of you on the train is really cute.

  6. These are lovely, almost making me want to go back to Paris someday. I especially love the photographs of Paris at night!

  7. you look so at peace! i love the picture of you picnicking, how cute!



    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. guuuuush. I love all the pictures. I've never been but I'd love to go someday :)


  9. I just love the library! Had to think of Beauty and the Beast right away, too :) I always do when I see beautiful libraries.
    The rest of the pictures look wonderful as well, I hope you had a great time.

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com

  10. So with you on the beauty and the beast ideas. Also getting some serious wanderlust, and Paris is so close...

  11. I was just in Paris last month and you're making me want to go back again! One can never get tired of that place...:)


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