30 July 2012

Blue gingham, New York City

Hey there! It's been a busy couple of days hanging out with Charlotteand my partner in crime Juli. Obsessively watching the Olympics, dancing in dive-bar-dance-clubs and sojourning to Brooklyn for a rooftop bash. Good summer things. Here are two photos Juli snapped of me on our way to brunch in my gorgeous dress that I recently received from Dahlia! (Giveaway with Dahlia coming soon!)
Dress c/o Dahlia, antoine et lili purse, h&m sneakers, vintage sunglasses pin

24 July 2012

Uniform of Summer Days

Its so hard to get motivated to dress well in the summer. On the weekends I've mostly been wearing cut-off's and old band tee shirts from high school over a bathing suit and calling it a day. During the week since I have work I've got to try a little bit harder, but I've developed a summer uniform of sorts that has been working out quite well: Vintage dress + sandals + sweater for the office.
Most of the time I don't even bother accessorizing, and its not that I don't want to, its that I don't really have many accessories. I think I'm going to go to the flea market and remedy that, but for now here is a glimpse at my summer uniform.
Anyone else hit that midsummer laziness when it comes to getting dressed?
vintage dress, free people via tjmaxx sweater, no. 6 clogs, sophie dear tote

19 July 2012


Yesterday after work LK and Dave picked me up near my office (it was raining!) to go to Roseland Ballroom. Here's how the night looked through my phone
By the time we parked it was cleared up, and we were in front of the prettiest building
Rich met us there just after Marcy Playground, but just in time for Lit. The highlight of the night for me was the Gin Blossoms. I was so excited, and couldn't stop dancing around and singing and jumping up and down we ended up losing half the group. I love this band, I can't believe I finally got to see them play live
Sugar Ray. I laughed as I typed it, but it was actually really fun to sing along like it was 5th grade again
Last was Everclear, but I've never really been a fan. It was cool when all the bands came out to play together at the end like a big family with their kids and all
Walking home through Times Square!
Oh and this happened! It made my day

Juliette Hogan

In understated colors, lush fabrics and elegant cuts, New Zealander, Juliette Hogan has been on my radar for some time now. With her bridesmaids designs popping up on Pinterest daily, a visit to her site has turned me into a complete fan girl. The Winter 2012 collection is completely charming, filled with demure feminine dresses, sleek cut tweeds and contrasting sheer and leather layers scattered throughout. There is a precise sense of balance throughout the collection walking the line of modern and classic meeting in perfect harmony. Any one of the many items I'd love to add to my wardrobe would likely stay in heavy rotation for years to come.
From the Bridesmaids collection:

17 July 2012

Shelter Island

Over the weekend I went to Shelter Island with Rich by ferry and drove past the pretty seaside town, past the Victorian houses and through the woods to the other side of the island.
At Salt there is a bar made out of a boat.
And boats all around the bar
Cold beer and a gentleman
A old-school microphone for an oldie tune
Dinner is served
It was too dark to keep taking pictures, but we sat and had dinner with romantic lighting from a few lamps on the dock. Afterwards we took the ferry back across black water under the stars.

16 July 2012

Seashells and seawater

Rich lives on the very tip of Long Island's North Fork and I spent the whole weekend with him biking, swimming and exploring the shoreline. On Friday night we went to Shelter Island for dinner. Before taking the ferry out, I convinced Rich to snap a few pictures of me in my most summery outfit. I felt like I matched the seashells and the dark blue water.
kimchi blue sweater, vintage romper, vintage belt, antoine et lili purse, No. 6 clogs

12 July 2012


A few days ago these beautiful cobalt blue corset clogs came home with me from the No. 6 Store. I meant to buy them in an obviously versatile pale grey, but the moment I saw the vibrant blue all thoughts of practicality flew out the window. Lately my style has been filled with super-saturated primary colors as neutrals, offsetting something unexpected and these shoes will align splendidly. Oh, and trust me, they were worth every penny. Light as air and as comfortable as a flat.

11 July 2012

Sam and Rémi (pt. 2, the picnic)

After the wedding the party dispersed to change into comfortable clothes and to lend a hand in bringing the food and drinks to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont for the wedding picnic.
Doing a pirate dance, because why not!?
Mingling and drinking with some Paris residents and the NY natives
Drinking champagne, eating some cake. I carried the cake to the picnic after at least 8 glasses of champagne, NBD.
So happy!
At some point Sam just sort of casually led us girls away form the picnic and through the winding paths of the park with the trusty film crew in tow.
My girls
High above the picnic
The film crew, recovering from their climb with us. Shortly after we said goodbye
A final glass of something sparkling
When the sky darkened we cleaned up and all went in separate directions only to meet back up and go to Candelaria late at night for some final drinks
Afterwards we went to the rented flat with the late night revelers and at out on the terrace until the sky turned light blue. Forty-five minutes of sleep later, it was time to go home to New York.

Sam and Rémi (pt. 1)

Last Tuesday in Paris, Sam and Rémi were married on a beautiful summer day and I couldn't be happier for them.
Early that morning Sam and Kim went to buy flowers, while Courteney and I went for bread and strawberries. There was a little mix up since we were sans cellphones, but it all worked out and right on schedule we all met at Sam's friend Jessa's apartment to get ready.
On the balcony we drank little shimmering cups of Champagne with breakfast
Kim made beautiful bouquets
The film crew worked on their documentary
When everyone was ready, we left for the mairie (its like a courthouse). Everyone ran there after I snapped this picture, but thankfully made it on time.
Sam and Simon before our run to the wedding
Kim pinning flowers on Rémi
Summer bouquets
Sam and Rémi
Standing in the mairie
It was all in French and hard to follow
But then we knew when it was official
Afterwards we made a quick phone call to the US with our love
Court, Sam, Kim, me!
Rémi, Sam, Jessa and Simon
Simon played a beautiful tune on the public piano
When the pictures were taken and kisses exchanged, it was time to party.
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