17 June 2012

Weekend Inspiration List

I had the distinct scratchy throat feeling that I was coming down with something last week. Friday evening full blown illness struck and left me sick and hiding in my apartment with blankets over the windows to block out the sunlight, vampire-style. I indulged in marathon viewing sessions of French movies, Dawson's Creek and other childhood sick day favorites. Last weekend I impulsively bought a Roku box and I could not have had better timing because now my computer is freed up for hours of Pinteresting and online shopping while I watch my stories. Here is a list of some things I love right now:
Bike style. Its that time of year again, thank goodness.

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Apartment decorating ideas.
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Mantras for everyday life.
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Check out my Pinterest for about a zillion more things I've been pinning.


  1. great photos
    great inspiration
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was never able to learn how to ride a bike and I'm 29.
    : -(


  2. love this post - SO much inspiration

  3. justalazymorningJune 18, 2012 at 5:05 AM

    love this!

  4. I love these a lot! I think my kitchen will also be for dancing.

    Love from Jo'burg

  5. Hey Kallie! It's Sara. I have not been able to post to your blog, but I finally think it's letting me. Anywho, I loved this post! I wish I could manage to look cute while riding a bike but I have yet to accomplish that. I hope all is well!


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