25 June 2012

Summer Nights, Tents and Lights

Saturday night there was a big party in Rich's backyard to celebrate his parents' 30th wedding anniversary. I biked over and the party was in full swing and I hadn't missed dinner. Success! Hanging out with Mallory, Dan and AJ.
Mallory took my photo with my brand new iPhone.
James and Mallory hanging out with grillmaster Rich.Too distracted eating to photograph the food. I'm quite single minded when ravenous. I did manage a shot of everyone complimenting the cook. Kim came! Only a few more days until we head to Paris!This photo made me realize how many of my friends go by initials. DJ and AJ.


  1. Did you die your hair? It looks lovely!

  2. You look dashing, especially for hauling ass on a bike. :)

  3. sigh. i wish i had a backyard. bbqs are the best!  and i love love your dress! :)

  4.  I am so lucky that I live near enough to mine and Rich's parent's so that I can use their backyards. :)

  5. You've gone dark-haired again for summer I see!  And summmmmmer barbeqeuesssss, I love them!  I've been really enjoying your blog lately... and not commenting because I'm infernally busy, but all your recent outfits are lovely and it looks like you're enjoying life (hope so, anyway!) xx


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