12 June 2012

Midtown Love and Birthday Drinks

Saturday night was AJ's birthday at the Three Dollar Tavern in Midtown Manhattan. That's a neighborhood that just doesn't get enough love in the blog world, its a strange mixture of happy hour bars, offices, dives and pizza places. The occasional glittering tower sparkles close and overhead, giving it enough magic to overlook the shortcomings.
The evening started in my apartment drinking Milk Stout Nitros with Rich and Danny. I opted for cider.
Rich, getting the perfect pour.Danny with a Milk Stout mustache.Glittering Chrysler Building; the most beautiful building in NYCThe Empire State Building was there too.Rich and his friends do this thing where they "Ice" one another. It's kind of college-boy-ish but you present someone with a Smirnoff Ice and they are obligated to chug it. Upon arriving at the Three Dollar Tavern I presented AJ with a pineapple flavored Smirnoff. He was a good sport, but I know I'm probably going to get one next time I see him.Ali, LK and Dave came too.Danny, AJ and Rich.It was a smile so hard your eyes squeeze shut kind of night.


  1. Thank drink looks delicious, but it's got "stout" in the name, so I probably wouldn't like it.

  2. hi Kallie beautiful city and beautiful dress.

    kisses rose jp

  3. I agree that the Chrysler building is the best.  Terrific art deco design.

    When in Midtown, try "Seven" on Seventh Ave near Penn Station.  Great food; nice bar.

  4. I'd love to live in NY. It must be so amazing to stumble across new and interesting places x

  5. Looks like you guys had fun!
    You look great!

  6. If someone "Iced" me, I think would vomit instantaneously 

  7.  We have one friend that does this apparently, but according to him it saves him from getting the hangover.


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