30 June 2012


Its like I've been running in overdrive for days (maybe weeks) now. Constantly on the move, and the moment I stop is when the wheels start spinning in my head and I can't shut down to even sleep for more than an hour or two. It could be because of the 10-14 hours a day spent in front of the glowing light of a computer, the stress I'm beginning to feel over projects at work creeping into my life outside the office and because Rich lives 100 miles away. Add on top of that the millions of ideas I have when my mind is buzzing as I lie in bed unable to sleep, but then the let down of not even having enough energy to start them.
This past week my evenings after work have been spent miles away from a computer screen going out for dinner and drinks with friends. I didn't realize how badly I'd needed to get out after work. I didn't even realize it until I woke up Thursday morning and realized that I slept for the entire night and woke up before my alarm clock.
As I lay in bed looking at the light coming in my window I felt rested for the first time in weeks. That led to an entire hour of yoga videos and a nice long cup of tea. No rushing around like an exhausted maniac who hit the snooze button four or five times for me today.
It wasn't a big deal or anything, just dinner or a drink but the unwinding was the perfect cure for what was turning into insomnia.
This might seem completely obvious if I didn't live alone in NYC. Back when I was at home I would just pop over to my boyfriends house, or hang out with my mom in the kitchen or call up a friend to go grab a tea. Now its a bit harder than that but I'm trying.
Also, I'm leaving for Paris in a few hours!! So, I've also been busy getting ready for that.
Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to this past week.
At the Grand Cafe in Queens with Lindsay.
Cafe Frida in Manhattan with Court.
Brick Cafe in Astoria with Rich.

25 June 2012

Summer Nights, Tents and Lights

Saturday night there was a big party in Rich's backyard to celebrate his parents' 30th wedding anniversary. I biked over and the party was in full swing and I hadn't missed dinner. Success! Hanging out with Mallory, Dan and AJ.
Mallory took my photo with my brand new iPhone.
James and Mallory hanging out with grillmaster Rich.Too distracted eating to photograph the food. I'm quite single minded when ravenous. I did manage a shot of everyone complimenting the cook. Kim came! Only a few more days until we head to Paris!This photo made me realize how many of my friends go by initials. DJ and AJ.

21 June 2012

Present Day Dress

Present as in gift! My mom bought this gorgeous dress at Anthropologie and shortly after taking the tags off she realized that it was too short for her. Being the luckiest daughter that I am, she gave it to me as a present. The first thing I thought of was this House of Holland dress that I had been coveting. With a swingy skirt, gauzy sleeves, wild contrasting colors it was love and luck at first sight for me. Thanks for my present,mom!
weston wear dress, vintage coach purse, bloch ballerina flats

18 June 2012

Tiny Galaxies

What if in another galaxy the water is pink and the sky is dark green? The stars glow blue, bronze and white in the endless green sky. What if that entire, tiny, far off galaxy has the color spectrum of early summer peonies here on earth?
Some days when I get wrapped up in work and distractions I like to look at something pretty and real. Somewhere a long time ago I read that as a concentration technique you should go outside and look at a tree and think about the tree to help re-focus. Today I looked at a single peony bud and thought about the tiny galaxy of molecules that make up the tiny flower perched in a bottle on my desk. I daydreamed for a few moments, taking in the colors and textures of the flower and then shook my head and finished my tea and got ready for work. When I was dressed and looking in the mirror, I was wearing the colors of that tiny galaxy.
H&M tulle skirt, Chloe K tiered top, vintage necklaces, Kork Ease Sandals, Sophie Dear tote

That, or I just watch far too much Roswell.

17 June 2012

Weekend Inspiration List

I had the distinct scratchy throat feeling that I was coming down with something last week. Friday evening full blown illness struck and left me sick and hiding in my apartment with blankets over the windows to block out the sunlight, vampire-style. I indulged in marathon viewing sessions of French movies, Dawson's Creek and other childhood sick day favorites. Last weekend I impulsively bought a Roku box and I could not have had better timing because now my computer is freed up for hours of Pinteresting and online shopping while I watch my stories. Here is a list of some things I love right now:
Bike style. Its that time of year again, thank goodness.

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Apartment decorating ideas.
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Mantras for everyday life.
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Check out my Pinterest for about a zillion more things I've been pinning.

14 June 2012

Magical Ruby Red Slippers

My new bright red ballerina flats from Bloch bought via Gilt Group. Shiny and magical for adventures beyond the rainbow.

12 June 2012

Midtown Love and Birthday Drinks

Saturday night was AJ's birthday at the Three Dollar Tavern in Midtown Manhattan. That's a neighborhood that just doesn't get enough love in the blog world, its a strange mixture of happy hour bars, offices, dives and pizza places. The occasional glittering tower sparkles close and overhead, giving it enough magic to overlook the shortcomings.
The evening started in my apartment drinking Milk Stout Nitros with Rich and Danny. I opted for cider.
Rich, getting the perfect pour.Danny with a Milk Stout mustache.Glittering Chrysler Building; the most beautiful building in NYCThe Empire State Building was there too.Rich and his friends do this thing where they "Ice" one another. It's kind of college-boy-ish but you present someone with a Smirnoff Ice and they are obligated to chug it. Upon arriving at the Three Dollar Tavern I presented AJ with a pineapple flavored Smirnoff. He was a good sport, but I know I'm probably going to get one next time I see him.Ali, LK and Dave came too.Danny, AJ and Rich.It was a smile so hard your eyes squeeze shut kind of night.

11 June 2012

Picnic Frock

I have no willpower and I bought another dress! All the way from Hong Kong based Vic and Lily and is the perfect cotton sundress for time spent outdoors. Just so long as no one mistakes me for a picnic blanket. The candy apple mixed with muted reds of the fabric are perfect when paired with a mint colored purse (or anything else mint hued that I can find) for a refreshing summer combo. This weekend I wore it Saturday for hanging out with friends and Sunday for taking a trip to the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg. Rich and I ate huaraches by the water and walked around eating shaved ices. My camera had to stay put away though because sometimes its better to see it with your eyes instead of the lens.
Vintage buffalo checkered dress, vintage Coach purse, Saltwater sandals, Madewell sunglasses, Disney by Patterson J. Kincaid Bambi sweatshirt
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