14 May 2012

Smile, Tomorrow

I had two cute blog posts for you but alas, I had a terrible day and assuaged varying levels of rage and annoyance with retail therapy at the mall, ice cream with my mom, and some whining to my sainted boyfriend. Its resulted in buying a bunch of pretty bras and a straw hat and a mild sugar high. Oh, and I booked another trip to Paris for June with my girlfriends! I'm counting down the seconds until June 30th. How can I not smile all day tomorrow daydreaming about all these wonderful things?


  1. Ugh, I felt that way last week, but managed to limit myself to one dress (probably some pretty bras would have been more useful though).  Another Paris trip!!

  2. I know this feeling, some days you just want to complain to someone sympathetic and shop. At least you have Paris to look forward to though, I've never been but it looks amazing xo

  3. Yay! Paris! Maybe I should book a trip for the year I turn 25, That's under four years off but maybe the thought will make me smile and keep me going for the four 9and then some) years...

    Enjoy Paris.
    Love from Jo'burg

  4. I feel like my week is totally shaping up to be one of those "ugh" weeks that can only be cured by cake and a new dress. A trip t o Paris would definitely  help too :)

  5. i love all of your ideas to make it a better day :) urg - i wish i could plan a trip whenever i'm down. that would sure make me perk up in no time!

  6. Hahaha I wish it was spur of the moment, but its actually for a friends wedding. Its been in the works for awhile :)


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