02 May 2012

Secondhand Swap: Pink Plaid Shirt

In the midst of moving and changing jobs the items from the secondhand swap have been folded up in my computer bag with notes for potential styling piling up around them. The other day I was having a moment of inspiration and I remembered that I had joined the swap and have been a bit of a weak link so I grabbed the thrifted top and put it together in my best take on an early sixties housewife. Coupled with my new, and surprising, gravitation toward pastels with black this felt very fresh and spring-like to me.
The purpose of the swap (aside from being an epic example of me getting distracted) is to promote second hand clothes in the place of new ones.
vintage Coach purse, vintage Secondhand Swap top, vintage watch, Bass Saddle shoes, BDG pants

The swap was started to show that clothes don't have to be brand new or expensive to be stylish. By sharing these clothes with each other and styling them to our own individual taste it proves that a .50 cent top can be just as versatile as one from a department store or H&M.
The swap includes these stylish blogs stay tuned to see how they'll style the items when I send them on their way:
Love Charles Vintage
District of Chic
Hummingbird Girls
Mousevox Vintage
Missing Lovebirds
Selective Potential


  1. Love how you've styled the top. Plus I think a pair of saddle shoes is just what I need for my autumn/winter wardrobe (this whole opposing season thing can get a bit confusing can't it?)

  2. These photos are really nice.  Good light.  Also the way you're wearing a bandana in your hair was my go-to hair style last summer.  It's all I did.  Every single effing day.  I'm madly in love with that seafoam coach bag too.  You can give that to me if you want. heh heh.  :P

  3. The downside of the purse is that its grimy (any leather cleaning tips??). If I find another one I'll send it to you!
    PS-Bandanas mean you're badass.

  4. This is a very nice laid back look.  I especially like the scarf in your hair.  I always have a hard time pull that off.

  5. OMG THAT COACH BAG!! I didn't know they came in that color!! I want one soooo bad!

  6. You look super cute. Very cool that you got to be involved in a swap like this.  

  7. Love the scarf in your hair! I've always had difficulty getting scarves to look good in my hair...practice makes perfect, I suppose :)


  8. You look really great darling and I like your blog, well donne!:)

  9. Beautiful outfit! I love the colour of your bag and also the tie in your hair - really cute.


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  10. I love the picture where you step into the light!
    Very cute vintage inspired outfit! :)

  11. love this shirt!


  12. Cool plaid shirt! I'm especially in love with your shoes though. 
    Clothes swaps are definitely a great idea. I really like the idea of styling super cheap thrifted clothes in a fashionable way. I'm definitely a believer in cheap clothes and making them look cute in a nicely styled outfit.


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