08 May 2012

Meghan turns 27!

Saturday night I was back on Long Island to celebrate Meghan's birthday with the first cookout of the year. Cinqo de Meghan is a magical evening filled with Lil Nardo's (shrimp wrapped around fresh mozzarella wrapped in bacon smothered in bbq sauce named after her boyfriend), kebabs and Mexican beers. The Supermoon bailed on us with a lame excuse (cloudy weather, what a baby)but there's always next year!
Kebab-Queen and Birthday-Princess Extraordinare, Meghan
Making drinks in the kitchen
Beautiful fruit filled ice cubes in wine
Beer pong; classic. Don't try to tell me its called beirut or any of that crap. Its beer pong 'round these parts!
Group hug and Brian's crazy-face.
Group hug dissolves into impromptu dance party extravaganza
The birthday girl leading us in song
Hanging out in the backyard
Snuggled up in Rich's hoodie by the end of the night. Cheers!

**Blogger business aside: I have all but fallen off the face of the Internet recently and am trying to get back in the swing of things. My poor blog-email inbox has been neglected for over 2 months (OMG IM SO SORRY I HAVEN'T EMAILED YOU BACK!). Thank you so much for still reading and bearing with me as my life changes and the blog continues to evolve reflecting those things. Things seem to be getting back on track!**


  1. great pictures!looks like you had an amazing time :)


  2. What a festive occasion.  Thanks for sharing it.  The food has my mouth watering.

  3. This looks like loads of fun. I didn't get to celebrate Cinco de anything this year. Sad day. 

  4. looked like an awesome party!! Nice punch :)

  5. You had to have a great time!:)

  6. FashionablecollectionsMay 9, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    This looks like so much fun! Those ice cubes in the wine are a brilliant idea.


  7. LookuglyinaphotographMay 9, 2012 at 8:08 PM

    Mmmm those ice cubes look so amazing! I want to try that this summer. 

    Also, you look like you're having such fun. Can you believe that I'm almost done my BA and I still have yet to play beer pong. I should get out more, aha.

  8. Sounds fun! Those fruit-filled ice cubes look amazing too! Can't imagine a better combination with white wine. 


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