16 May 2012

Girls game night

LK came over tonight for dinner, wine and a game of Baldwinopoly. It was good to get things off my mind and catch up with my best friend. For dinner there was pasta and a lemon-garlic artichoke with a buttery sauce for us. I served the artichoke on my pretty candy-pink glass plate. We demolished it while watching the always hilarious Modern Family. Afterwards we were both tired but we tried to play a version of Monopoly that replaces the classic Boardwalk and Reading Railroad with our hometown landmarks. It ended up turning into us rolling the dice and moving our pieces and deciding if what we landed on still exists or not. Kind of depressing to talk about all the businesses that are gone now, but we had wine so we weren't so sad. All around a successful girls night.
Hey LK!
Artichoke, yum!
Hometown themed Monopoly!
Artichoke leaves have the prettiest greens and purples.


  1. Ohhh...those artichokes look heavenly! Looks like a fun night :)


  2. Mmm... what a delicious meal and lovely night with your friend.  Even your outfit is cute.

  3. very cute pics and looks like a lovely night:)

  4. Have I told you how nice and cosy your place looks? It's really lovely. It seems you guys had a nice time, hey LK! Sucks about all the places that have shut down due to the economy. 

    On a side note, somebody buy me 30 Seconds! Thank you.

    Love from Jo'burg.

  5. I haven't played Monopoly in so long! Great way to spend an evening though. 

  6. Ahaha Baldwinopoly ? That's so great. 

    <3 you    -sam. x


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