17 May 2012

Dalaga NYC

Last Thursday night I went to the grand opening of Dalaga's Manhattan location in SoHo. It is in the perfect location situated on charming Kenmare Street near the 4,5,6 train and just a short walk from the N,Q,R. My life is lived in proximities to good subway lines sometimes. Anyway, I would live in this gorgeous boutique. If only my apartment had half the pretty details in it that Dalaga does. I loved the open books displayed alongside summery shoes and vases of flowers.
The afternoon was lovely, talking to people, shopping and sampling some of the summery drinks they were serving. I'm looking forward to it being a regular stop in my shopping routine.
Edit because I forgot to tell you about my funny social media blunder; I thought I was tweeting @dalaganyc but I didn't remember to add the NYC. So @ dalaga got some odd tweets that day! Ooops, haha.
The first dress I saw when I walked in, and I wanted it so badly!
The first ever person to recognize me from the blog! I'm so sorry I don't remember your name but you made my day!
Kind of crowded but totally awesome with drinks and music.
Pretty display of sunglasses and perfumes.
Hi Liz!
Dalaga SoHo, be sure to stop in if you're in NYC!
All photos by the talented Ariele Hertzoff.


  1. I love the merchandising of the sunglasses + perfume. I want it all!

  2. That's really cool that you were recognized! I recognized a blogger at a music showcase in Little Rock one time and was totally drunk and I'm pretty sure I made a real ass of myself and talked to her for too long, but oh well! haha

  3. What a great event... beautiful things... x

  4. Yay! Karen and were just talking about how cute you are. She was so excited to meet you! Thanks again for coming to the opening and to Madewell last night. I love that you're in the city now!

  5. Cool.  I'll have to check it out.

    I'd certainly recognize you from your blog but, if I approached you in public, you'd probably get all haughty, deny you are you, and tell your bodyguard to toss me in the street.  You celebrities are all the same...


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