07 May 2012

Channeling Eleonora

Last Thursday I channeled Eleonora Carisi, who is one of my style icons in a gorgeous COS dress. Everytime a new picture of her appears on the Internet its like a breath of fresh air. She makes everything she wears, no matter how basic, look totally new. The photo that inspired this outfit is one of my all time favorite thigns I've seen in all my years of folloing style blogs on the internet. The combination of pink and blue is one of my favorites, the outfit is so classic, and yet this feels like entirely new territory. Its a little sexier without showing any skin, and stepping it up a notch in the lady-like department. Though normally I'm not the biggest fan of color blocking, this just feels so right it couldn't be resisted any longer.
Vintage silk skirt, American Apparel sweater, Garnett Jewelry necklace, Steve Madden booties, MAC pink poodle lipstick


  1. That outfit really suits you! I'm normally not huge on color blocking either, but you make it look so stylish - with a touch of mystery. Great look :)


  2. This really is a great combination of color. I love the shape of your skirt too. This outfit looks feminine and comfy at the same time!

  3. Really nice.  The colors work so well together.

  4. Josefina.LittleMay 8, 2012 at 2:23 AM

    amazing! love that and esp. the necklace;)

  5. So pretty! I love the collar.

  6. love that gorgeous peach color!


  7. love that skirt :) great color!


  8. Ooh, you're inspiring me to try this color combination! Next stop: a bright peach skirt!

  9. OOO love the color of your skirt! And your nail polish :) 

    Arrojo is honestly my favorite place in the world. They have such amazing talented people there and it really starts to feel like a second home lol. If you do decide to go get your hair colored go to Ashley. She is the one that colored my hair both times. She is AWESOME. Believe me I sound neurotic trying to describe what I want since I always have a vision but could never put it into words but some how she gets it. lol 


  10. Gorgeous. Love the skirt!



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