19 May 2012

Brady Bunch Dress

On Thursday night I went downtown to SoHo where Liz was hosting a Madewell Style Session. I was having such a good time talking to everyone that I completely forgot to take my camera out of my bag. Oh well. Perhaps some pictures will pop up and I can share them with you.
When I got home I took a few quick pictures to show you one of my most favorite vintage dresses. It belonged to the grandmother of my pre-school (!) best friend, whose mom gave it to my mom when she was an avid vintage collector. It's known affectionately around my mom's house as the Brady Bunch dress because it looked like something Marcia would wear and Jan would be jealous of.
Recently the dress underwent a little revamp to help integrate it more with my everyday wardrobe. It used to have beautiful sheer sleeves but they had to go. They were far too long, the elastic had gone in the bell at the bottom making them hang down past my hands and in my opinion made the dress look costumey. A girl at the event suggested a few clever uses for the sleeve fabric that I might be attempting soon including a rosette and a neck scarf.
Vintage dress, thrifted Gap blouse, BC Shoes, vintage purse, Abercrombie denim jacket circa 2001, Dear sophie tote, vintage enamel daisy brooch


  1. I love this dress! Always nice when something you wear has such an interesting story.

  2. that dress is so cute! i love your denim jacket too, it's the perfectly worn in/



  4. that dress is stunning and i love the collar layered under it!



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  5. LookuglyinaphotographMay 19, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    This outfit is so positively adorable! I love it! You look like a young girl. Plus, I think the story behind the dress is amazing. It's so awesome when a piece means so much to you.

  6. Definitely a Brady Bunch dress! Super cute!

  7. Definitely an appropriate cultural reference.  Very pretty dress.  And, on you, it acquires even more appeal.

  8. Sweet Harvest MoonMay 20, 2012 at 5:47 PM

    such a cute dress!

  9. What a great little dress! The extra fabric would make an awesome headscarf :)


  10. That vintage dress is so so cute! And I love the story of how you came to own it. The print is definitely adorable and I really like the blouse you layered underneath it.

  11. Such a lovely dress and it being the Brady Bunch one just makes me smile so much! :)

    If the material is  non-natural, it's very easy to make lovely rosettes from it! :)


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