31 May 2012

1 bike, 2 bike, little bike, blue bike

Summer arrived last weekend, sudden and hot and I was not prepared. There aren't many toe-freeing summer shoes in my closet yet, hence the oxfords and most of my summer frocks are still packed away (or on my summer wish list). Lucky for me my mom had this pretty patterned 50's style shirtdress I could borrow from Porridge, a brand carried by Anthropologie. The bike print was an all day reminder that I need to bring my blue bike to my apartment so I can explore further than my feet will carry me through the city.
Do you think it would be lame or cute if I wore this dress to bike in? I wouldn't like to because I'd feel like I was wearing a costume. Of course my mom would say I should because it would be so adorable, but this is the woman who dressed me in matching outfits with my Cabbage Patch Doll back in 1989.
Porridge via Anthropologie bike print dress, vintage watch, thrifted woven purse, vintage tortoiseshell hairclip, Steve Madden oxfords, thrifted belt

26 May 2012

At home

On Thursday morning my best friend lost her fantastic, hilarious and kind father. I'll be at home for a few days and will be back soon.
Photo: mom's house, 2010

22 May 2012


I was getting dressed the other morning and I realized that I never showed you what my wonderful boyfriend gave me for my birthday. The pretty yellow package came all the way across the Atlantic to Barcelona and Paris where I opened it on March 8th. When I opened it out and saw the cotton cat-print bag I burst out hysterical laughing thinking that was the gift on its own. Then I realized there was more and took out this beautiful silk scarf by Olivia Mew. That cheeky witchcat flanked by blood-red flowers and golden birds is so visually witty and diverting that I half wish I could frame it for the wall. For now I'll stick to wearing it, especially paired with neutral colors to let it stand out and in my hair through the summer.

21 May 2012

Crisp Cotton, Soft Denim

Sunday was the first of many summer days spent at the beach picnicking, biking and soaking up the sun. My sunburn is pretty bad but it was worth it to spend the day with Rich down by the water. Although it was a bit windy for such a light cotton dress I couldn't help wanting to wear it. The crisp cotton of the fabric and the floaty skirt with a perfectly worn in denim jacket was too good to try anything else and I wore this same outfit all weekend. It will likely be a go-to all summer long.
The dress is Levis for Opening Ceremony from last summer. It was an incredibly lucky find from TJMaxx that I got for $24! The day I found it I couldn't believe my good luck because last year I clicked on the website a million times to stare at it. Because it's white I know that I have to be a bit careful in it, but when its color starts to look dingy I plan to dye it a beautiful color and not let such a perfect cotton dress go to waste.
Levis for Opening Ceremony dress, Saltwater Sandals, Madewell sunglasses, Abercrombie denim jacket, thrifted woven purse

19 May 2012

Brady Bunch Dress

On Thursday night I went downtown to SoHo where Liz was hosting a Madewell Style Session. I was having such a good time talking to everyone that I completely forgot to take my camera out of my bag. Oh well. Perhaps some pictures will pop up and I can share them with you.
When I got home I took a few quick pictures to show you one of my most favorite vintage dresses. It belonged to the grandmother of my pre-school (!) best friend, whose mom gave it to my mom when she was an avid vintage collector. It's known affectionately around my mom's house as the Brady Bunch dress because it looked like something Marcia would wear and Jan would be jealous of.
Recently the dress underwent a little revamp to help integrate it more with my everyday wardrobe. It used to have beautiful sheer sleeves but they had to go. They were far too long, the elastic had gone in the bell at the bottom making them hang down past my hands and in my opinion made the dress look costumey. A girl at the event suggested a few clever uses for the sleeve fabric that I might be attempting soon including a rosette and a neck scarf.
Vintage dress, thrifted Gap blouse, BC Shoes, vintage purse, Abercrombie denim jacket circa 2001, Dear sophie tote, vintage enamel daisy brooch

17 May 2012

Dalaga NYC

Last Thursday night I went to the grand opening of Dalaga's Manhattan location in SoHo. It is in the perfect location situated on charming Kenmare Street near the 4,5,6 train and just a short walk from the N,Q,R. My life is lived in proximities to good subway lines sometimes. Anyway, I would live in this gorgeous boutique. If only my apartment had half the pretty details in it that Dalaga does. I loved the open books displayed alongside summery shoes and vases of flowers.
The afternoon was lovely, talking to people, shopping and sampling some of the summery drinks they were serving. I'm looking forward to it being a regular stop in my shopping routine.
Edit because I forgot to tell you about my funny social media blunder; I thought I was tweeting @dalaganyc but I didn't remember to add the NYC. So @ dalaga got some odd tweets that day! Ooops, haha.
The first dress I saw when I walked in, and I wanted it so badly!
The first ever person to recognize me from the blog! I'm so sorry I don't remember your name but you made my day!
Kind of crowded but totally awesome with drinks and music.
Pretty display of sunglasses and perfumes.
Hi Liz!
Dalaga SoHo, be sure to stop in if you're in NYC!
All photos by the talented Ariele Hertzoff.

16 May 2012

Girls game night

LK came over tonight for dinner, wine and a game of Baldwinopoly. It was good to get things off my mind and catch up with my best friend. For dinner there was pasta and a lemon-garlic artichoke with a buttery sauce for us. I served the artichoke on my pretty candy-pink glass plate. We demolished it while watching the always hilarious Modern Family. Afterwards we were both tired but we tried to play a version of Monopoly that replaces the classic Boardwalk and Reading Railroad with our hometown landmarks. It ended up turning into us rolling the dice and moving our pieces and deciding if what we landed on still exists or not. Kind of depressing to talk about all the businesses that are gone now, but we had wine so we weren't so sad. All around a successful girls night.
Hey LK!
Artichoke, yum!
Hometown themed Monopoly!
Artichoke leaves have the prettiest greens and purples.

15 May 2012

Casual Friday, sleek and simple

Here is how I looked last Friday, keeping it casual and pairing varying shades of white. I can't believe how often it seems that I wear pants lately! Simplifying seems to be the mantra of many a blogger this season and pants fit the bill. For years I avoided them because they weren't very flattering, but now I think they provide a clean, sleek silhouette that's simple and versatile. Surely people who didn't spend most of their life shunning pants already knew this, but for me its kind of a revelation.
Sheer vintage blouse, Citizen's of Humanity floral pants, Bloch ballet flats, Antoine et Lili purse, BDG cardigan, silk scarf from Thailand, Madewell sunglasses

14 May 2012

Smile, Tomorrow

I had two cute blog posts for you but alas, I had a terrible day and assuaged varying levels of rage and annoyance with retail therapy at the mall, ice cream with my mom, and some whining to my sainted boyfriend. Its resulted in buying a bunch of pretty bras and a straw hat and a mild sugar high. Oh, and I booked another trip to Paris for June with my girlfriends! I'm counting down the seconds until June 30th. How can I not smile all day tomorrow daydreaming about all these wonderful things?

10 May 2012


Last Sunday defined what all Sunday's should be like in the coming weeks. I napped in my mom's backyard and took a bike ride with Rich down to the park where we had our "first real date" and we sat around talking and catching up. Since we live so far apart (he's on Long Island and I'm in the city, and no, its not THAT far but it really feels like it sometimes) its even more special when we get to go on leisurely bike rides and make kissy faces at each other. I'm so lucky that he's my favorite person to spend time with talking about the birds flying over the water, the cool old car in the parking lot and dream vacations that are in the works. Weekend in less than 24 hours. Yesss.
Im really feeling my cheesy 90's teen movie vibe. Its my go to look when I'm at home and I pull an outfit together out of wardrobe scraps left at my mom's house. Sometimes its good to not care how you look.

09 May 2012

Feelings at 23:00

I was reading Annebeth's blog the other day and she struck on something that I've been feeling for weeks, or maybe even months and its that I'm having a bit of a crisis. She calls it an existential (style)crisis, for me however its more a crisis of identity. My life drastically changed and very quickly, but now I'm not really sure who I am in this life I whipped up into reality. Who am I sitting here in my own apartment? I'm listening to the rain and relishing in the sound every passing car makes because it reminds me of the street noise from home. Surprisingly where I am in NYC is quieter than my main-road house on Long Island. I'm a bit homesick at this time of night.
To quote Annebeth, "What do I want to take in and what do I throw out."
That right there says a lot more about life than whats in my closet. Funnily enough, its manifesting itself exactly as it sounds. An overwhelming dissatisfaction with my clothes and who they represent is driving me a little crazy is a pretty good example of me having an identity crisis. I have a style blog for crying out loud and I have no idea what my style is right now because I'm not even sure who I am. The transition to a new job and new home were quick and my emotions, feelings, outlook and style reflective of myself are taking a bit longer to catch up.
And so, I wear things on repeat. Comfortable, simple outfits that are work appropriate and made up mostly of classics and staples. Like my apartment and job, those clothes are just the pieces of a foundation for my life going forward. What do I take in, or throw out?

08 May 2012

Meghan turns 27!

Saturday night I was back on Long Island to celebrate Meghan's birthday with the first cookout of the year. Cinqo de Meghan is a magical evening filled with Lil Nardo's (shrimp wrapped around fresh mozzarella wrapped in bacon smothered in bbq sauce named after her boyfriend), kebabs and Mexican beers. The Supermoon bailed on us with a lame excuse (cloudy weather, what a baby)but there's always next year!
Kebab-Queen and Birthday-Princess Extraordinare, Meghan
Making drinks in the kitchen
Beautiful fruit filled ice cubes in wine
Beer pong; classic. Don't try to tell me its called beirut or any of that crap. Its beer pong 'round these parts!
Group hug and Brian's crazy-face.
Group hug dissolves into impromptu dance party extravaganza
The birthday girl leading us in song
Hanging out in the backyard
Snuggled up in Rich's hoodie by the end of the night. Cheers!

**Blogger business aside: I have all but fallen off the face of the Internet recently and am trying to get back in the swing of things. My poor blog-email inbox has been neglected for over 2 months (OMG IM SO SORRY I HAVEN'T EMAILED YOU BACK!). Thank you so much for still reading and bearing with me as my life changes and the blog continues to evolve reflecting those things. Things seem to be getting back on track!**

07 May 2012

Channeling Eleonora

Last Thursday I channeled Eleonora Carisi, who is one of my style icons in a gorgeous COS dress. Everytime a new picture of her appears on the Internet its like a breath of fresh air. She makes everything she wears, no matter how basic, look totally new. The photo that inspired this outfit is one of my all time favorite thigns I've seen in all my years of folloing style blogs on the internet. The combination of pink and blue is one of my favorites, the outfit is so classic, and yet this feels like entirely new territory. Its a little sexier without showing any skin, and stepping it up a notch in the lady-like department. Though normally I'm not the biggest fan of color blocking, this just feels so right it couldn't be resisted any longer.
Vintage silk skirt, American Apparel sweater, Garnett Jewelry necklace, Steve Madden booties, MAC pink poodle lipstick
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