16 April 2012

Things I loved last week

This week was filled with inspiration. My new subway route is perfect for people-watching, the warm days mean outdoor brunches and discovering new neighborhoods in New York City and browsing around on Instagram for Android. Some of the things I've been loving include...
1. This interview of Daphné Hezard with Into the Gloss. She's got such an effortless style, and I couldn't help but notice her incredible apartment. What really got my attention was calling the circles beneath her eyes "romantic." Like some kind of movie-scene revelation I saw my "sleepy eyes" as something completely new, special even. I felt so good, I skipped under-eye concealer all weekend. Merci, Daphné!
2. My friend Meghan's tumblr; it exudes comfort, sunlight and beauty in this perfectly curated site aptly named Chambray Afternoons. The photos she has here make me feel like curling up in a window sill in my comfiest clothes and sipping tea while a handsome man makes me breakfast.
3. Shoes. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Preferably No. 6 clogs.
4. DIY's for fun summer jewelry. Gotta get to the hardware store this week so I can try this out.
5. Dip-dyed wooden furniture.


  1. I've been meaning to try that diy bracelet for a while myself, let me know how you get on! hope you have a good week

  2. What a fun post.  And who'd have thought a fashion-minded gal would go to a hardware store for materials to make jewelry?!

  3. great post! I love reading about your thoughts and emotions and why these things inspire you, most of the time inspiration posts are so superfecial. I want dip dye everything. And clogs will never be out of style in my book <3

    about my nylons: H&M! sheer nylons in color LONDON, they have like 2 colors I think, or three (amber, tan an london I think) and london is the one you need because they are amazing!


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