30 April 2012

The Small Indoors

I miss going outside to take pictures. And riding my bike.
AA sweater, Marc Jacobs skirt, Garnett Jewelry necklace, silver Thai necklace, Abercrombie jacket from 2002, vintage leather backpack

25 April 2012

If I were a...

A little Q&A that I took from Raquel's blog. I just finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy, so this questionnaire feels pertinent to my digesting of that story. Has anyone else ever read Philip Pullman's series? Anyway, let me know if you also fill this out, I'd love to read it and get to know you better!
If I were a month it would be: August
If I was a week day it would be: Friday
If I were a number it would be: 8
If I were a flower would be: Peony
If I were a direction would be: East
If I were a piece of furniture it would be: Bookshelf
If I were a liquid it would be: Orange juice
If I were a sin it would be: Pride
If I were a metal it would be: Gold
If I were a tree it would be: Dogwood or apple
If I were a fruit it would be: Strawberry
If I were a climate it would be: Coastal
If I were a musical instrument it would be: Bass guitar
If I were an element it would be: Water
If I were a colour it would be: Yellow
If I were an animal would be: Swan
If I were a sound it would be: Waves on the beach
If I were a song it would be: Glosoli, Sigur Ros
If I were a perfume it would be: Maybe Baby by Benefit
If I were a feeling it would be: Amusement
If I were a book it would be: Stargirl
If I were a food it would be: Olive
If I were a smell it would be: Sea salt and sand
If I were a verb it would be: To do
If I were an object it would be: Blanket
If I were a piece of clothing it would be: A tee shirt
If I were a body part it would be: Eyes or lips
If I were a phrase it would be: "Not all who wander are lost"
If I were a cartoon character I would be: Belle
If I were a season it would be: Autumn

24 April 2012

Lilac-blooms, with their clustering stars...

Remember when I spoke about the weather turning unseasonably summery? Well, that was short lived. The effect this has on my wardrobe is that now my floaty cotton sundresses that were recently unpacked are too thin for cold rainy days.
I'll make do by wearing my gauzy cotton frocks with wooly winter sweaters and socks around the house while I read Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray and listen to the rain fall on the street. I'm lingering over Wilde's description of that beautiful summer day in the garden, and even borrowed a description of lilacs as my post title. This past weekend I brought home a little piece of a sunlit garden from Rich's parent's house in the form of a massive bunch of beautifully scented lilacs.
I've got the best of spring right here now; reading in a cozy sweater while it rains in my flower-filled apartment.

23 April 2012

Fresh veggies and cream

Recipes are fun to try, but I'm a big fan of winging it in the kitchen especially when it comes to dinnertime. Tonight I sauteed swiss chard with fresh plum tomatoes in garlic and oil with crème fraîche added at the end. My mini-experiment in the kitchen that was a success, but sometimes it can be a disaster that I'm stuck eating. What are some of your favorite ingredients for inventing new and delicious combos?

19 April 2012

The Most Beautiful Pants in the World

I'm not really a pants person but the from the first time I saw these until well after I brought them home, I couldn't stop thinking about the pink, pale yellow and coral-orange roses. They remind me of Beauty and the Beast, of summertime and of those weird floral pants from the early 90's.
I saw them three times before I finally buying them. Every time I tried them on I couldn't believe how well they fit with an already broken in softness. And how despite my perception of my lower body, I was wearing white pants and they were the opposite of unflattering.
Of course it always comes down to money. The price was so ridiculous that I still have the tags in my drawer because I'm almost afraid to throw them away, just in case. Not that I could return them, but maybe as a reminder to avoid Bloomingdales. There's truth in that saying, "You get when you pay for." In another one of my justifications for buying them; I now only own three pairs of pants.
Yesterday's outfit featuring The Most Beautiful Pants in the World was directly inspired by the rosy cacophony that is my bed. Also the rose I found that had escaped its bouquet on the floor in a Duane Reade last week. A little messy, very relaxed.
Citizens of Humanity pants, H&M blouse, Old Navy sweater, vintage purse and necklace, Bloch ballet flats

17 April 2012

In the weather

Ok so writing about the weather is kind of lame and I really would rather not talk about it in most cases. Except today when it is so extraordinary my brain literally cannot compute anything else. The past three days have been like the most dreamy, breezy summer days. As an added bonus its not humid and sticky like actual summer. Its so nice to come home to open windows with curtains gently swaying and a cup of iced green tea to wind down with.
Thrifted gap top, Warehouse skirt, thrifted flats, UO heart shaped glasses

16 April 2012

Things I loved last week

This week was filled with inspiration. My new subway route is perfect for people-watching, the warm days mean outdoor brunches and discovering new neighborhoods in New York City and browsing around on Instagram for Android. Some of the things I've been loving include...
1. This interview of Daphné Hezard with Into the Gloss. She's got such an effortless style, and I couldn't help but notice her incredible apartment. What really got my attention was calling the circles beneath her eyes "romantic." Like some kind of movie-scene revelation I saw my "sleepy eyes" as something completely new, special even. I felt so good, I skipped under-eye concealer all weekend. Merci, Daphné!
2. My friend Meghan's tumblr; it exudes comfort, sunlight and beauty in this perfectly curated site aptly named Chambray Afternoons. The photos she has here make me feel like curling up in a window sill in my comfiest clothes and sipping tea while a handsome man makes me breakfast.
3. Shoes. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Preferably No. 6 clogs.
4. DIY's for fun summer jewelry. Gotta get to the hardware store this week so I can try this out.
5. Dip-dyed wooden furniture.

13 April 2012

Home sweet apartment

My apartment is still very much a work in progress, but its come a long way since I moved in and spent nearly two weeks cleaning and painting. Here are a few pictures from around my new home.
Teas, cookbooks and whiskey in the windowsill.
My little table with little beasties.
Reminders of home.
Wonderful closet.
Princess bed.
New York City in my window.

12 April 2012

Jersey and denim

For todays outfit I deferred to covering my entire body in jersey knit with a layer of thin denim. It felt like when being a little kid wearing a baggy tee and bike shorts ready for bike rides and tree climbing and taking on the world (children of the 90's, you know what I'm talking about). In today's case I was stalking the filming of Doctor Who in Central Park, climbing around on the rocks near the duck pond during my lunch hour. This skirt really only ever gets to leave the closet during the chilly days of spring when I want the skintight cozy feel of leggings or the bike shorts of my childhood, but its not casual Friday.
AA skirt, Uniqlo denim button down, Madewell tee, Garnett Jewelry necklace, Steve Madden booties

10 April 2012

I think it suits me.

I keep seeing girls on the street in fitted, pretty, color coordinated suits and a far cry from the manly power suit of the 90's. I like the idea of a sweet little suit, crossing between Murphy Brown on the job and Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in Funny Face with a bit of power and grace.
Also, it gave me an excuse to wear my new favorite shoes!
JCrew Factory blouse, Gap velvet blazer, Coach watch, Kate Spade wallet, Garnett Jewelry necklace, BDG pants, Bass saddle shoes

*Edit 4/11/12: For relevance, I stumbled upon this while perusing Rookie today. Yes. EXACTLY what I was going for.

09 April 2012

Weeks ago...

I took these pictures weeks ago at my mom's house when I was still living there, it might have been the day I saw the apartment listing. This is what I wore to work on an unseasonably warm day just after starting my new job and just before I found my apartment. I think these pictures and the daunting task of editing them and writing a post is what made me realize I needed the break from the blog.
Hopefully I've got something a bit newer tomorrow, but this works. I could say I would fill you in on whats been happening but its pretty much just apartment repairs and assembling furniture.
So, I'm back! Thanks for sticking around. There are lots of good things to come.
H&M chambray blouse, AA sweater, Betsey Johnson skirt, Steve Madden shoes, Sophie Dear tote

01 April 2012


I fell out of love with my job, got a new one, went on a European adventure, started the new job, found an apartment, and am currently moving to NYC.

Updates soon. xoxo.
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