19 March 2012

Two days and two nights (turning 25)

The 7th and the 8th of March were all kind of jumbled into one, so I will put it all together here.
On the 7th Sam and I made a point of heading to the Musée d'Orsay before the crowds and lines converged on the converted train station. We wandered past the photograph-like paintings of Rosa Bonheur, the huge paintings by Gustave Courbet and then up and up to the top of the museum.
At the top past the giant clock-window, we wandered through the impressionists. Disliking Renoir, lingering at the works by Manet, until finally overwhelmed we decided to leave the museum in search of lunch.
At this point I put my camera away because it started to rain. We went to Marais and had falafel and french fries and spent the afternoon walking from shop to shop in the area. Punk rock vintage stores, Isabel Marant and various other lovely places that I would love to visit again. Late in the afternoon Sam headed to work and I headed back to her apartment to hang out and sleep a little.
Later, Remi called and I met him near the bar Sam works in so we could hang out with her while she worked.
Candelaria is a speakeasy bar that you get to through a small, unassuming taqueria that opens into a dark, cavern like room filled with mingling people and a long bar that serves the most delicious drinks. I recommend the Ruby Tuesday.
After this the night picked up. We made friends, stepped out for some air, made more friends. We chatted with Sam when she came out from behind the bar to check on the tables, shared a huge bowl of punch with a group that needed help finishing it. The only buzzkill during the night was when this awful guy wouldn't leave me alone, but insisted on insulting me at every turn. When the bar closed our new friends Clemence and Josephine invited Remi and I to join their group and go find a party somewhere. Sam said she would meet up with us and we headed out into the night.
At another late-night bar with crowded stairs and cat hanging out in a corner we made even more friends and drank beers. The insulting guy was there too, plus half the crowd from Candelaria. When Sam arrived it was 4 in the morning and we were still having beers for awhile longer. There was a toast to my birthday that came and went at midnight and then we went home.
Late in the morning we woke up and I was greeted with fresh croissants and my birthday present from Rich that came with me in my suitcase and wasn't to be opened until March 8th.
After opening my present and getting filled up with eggs and croissants Sam and I planned to go to Versailles. Once we got to the store to pick up food for a picnic we realized that it would be too late by the time we got the train out there. We changed plans and walked around a bit.
After deciding on a place for our picnic we took the Metro to the last stop and got off near the park in St. Cloud. We climbed the super steep hills and when we arrived at the top of the park the view was well worth it.
There was a picnic while the sun was shining with cheeses, breads, oranges, olives and wine.
The chocolate lady bugs came to the picnic for dessert.
Sam looking gorgeous, even after our unexpected uphill hike.
Am I pensive? Probably thinking about eating more cheese.
When it started to feel like winter again we packed up and made our way downhill to the train. We both fell asleep intermittently until we arrived home and slept a little more.
Sam even baked me cupcakes!
While everyone got ready to go out Champagne was passed around.
Sam and Remi, cheers!
The best picture I could get of my friends waiting to get into the Rosa Bonheur bar in Buttes Charmont. There was a wait because it wasn't only my birthday but also International Women's Day. Finally after a long time waiting there was a change in plan and we ended up at a club and Sam's friend Jessa came.
The DJ who was from New York City took my picture and then my camera had to be put away.
Back at Sam's everyone was talking and drinking whiskey when I fell asleep. Typical, but a perfect end to a great birthday.


  1. Lovely pictures! Happy birthday!! Looks like you had a great one!

     x Aliya

  2. Wowie, zowie.  What a beautiful setting for your birthday.  The pictures are amazing.

  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday

  4. Wow, how incredible to spend your birthday in Paris! Annoying guy aside (seriously, who does that?!), it looks like a wonderful day :)


  5. wow the ceiling/walls of that museum are incredible & I love the tree at night picture although everything on this trip looks just beautiful! The speakeasie sounds so fun & you both look adorable. Happy belated birthday too, forgot that on my last comment- glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a ton of fun!


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