14 March 2012

Scenes from Paris; March 6th

On a perfectly drizzly Paris day Sam and I ventured in to the center of the city by Metro to see the sights. Here are some snippets of what we saw.
La Carousel Belle Epoque was a bright spot in the foggy gloom.
Beasties and saints at Notre Dame.
Bunny-bopper in the shade of the gothic cathedral.
My beautiful friend Sam by the Siene.
Duck bath.
Notes from visitors inside Shakespeare and Company in the cozy upper rooms.
A message from Shakespeare and Company.
Symbols of love on the Pont des Arts. Perhaps someday I'll put a bike lock here with Rich.
Look at the sky.
Grafitti Godmother
At the end of a street, catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.
At the Rodin museum, which was mostly closed.
The market street where we bought miel de thym (thyme honey).
Watching some dogs play at the Eiffel Tower.
Cherry blossoms to brighten the day.
Walking to the Arch de Triomphe onto the Champs Elysee.
Chanel at night.
At this point we had walked clear across Paris, covering miles and landmarks. We took our tired feet to the Metro and headed home. We watched a few episodes of Community and relaxed before going to dinner at a Brasserie near Sam's apartment. We ate goat cheese and drank wine. Finally before we leaving, dessert was served and my raspberry chocolate cake had a candle, the lights went down and my cake floated to me in the dark while everyone inside sang me Happy Birthday in French. At first I was shy about it (my birthday wasn't until the 8th), but then I was glowing happiness.
After dinner Sam explained the difference between Mezcal and Tequila to me and we sipped a bit while watching tv and relaxing before falling asleep.
Another wonderful day in Paris.


  1. Bonne fête :D That sounds like such a great day... and those macarons look delicious!

  2. So enchanting. Your photos are the next best thing to going there :)

  3. Hi kallie beautiful photos!!!!

    Kisses rose jp

  4. Looking at these photos...I'm in awe and so jealous of your adventuring! paris! wow. it's so gorgeous... you may have stated this on your blog at some point already, but why did you do all this traveling? :) xx

  5. so so so beautiful!! this post makes me so wanderlust! sounds like you had a fantastic day :) once again... jealous!

  6. Superb photos.  You have a great eye.  And Happy belated Birthday.

  7. New goal in life: see that carousel in person. Actually, see pretty much everything in this post in person. What a lovely, lovely trip! Now I've got the travel bug once more...


  8. Definitely sounds like a wonderful day in a wonderful city! I miss Paris. Le sigh.

  9. Haha, why not? I had some time off so I figured I may as well. Vacation time is hard to come by.

  10. Oh Paris! I want to go now! :)
    I loved Shakespeare and Co, such a weird and wonderful place! 

  11. Oh my goodness, you are one lucky lady.  Paris is a dream vacation!

     Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  12. *sigh* You're making really miss Paris right now!

  13. I loved the bike lock bridge. We spent ages looking at them all. The only lock I had on me was my bf's that he'd lent me, so I think I would have been in trouble if I'd locked it to the bridge. x

  14. beautiful pictures. of you at the arc and the cherry blossoms! lovely wintercoat!

  15. oh my, I've already been wanting to go to Paris but now I really want to! you are an AMAZING photographer too, love the diff angles, close ups & diff focuses you thought to take.  


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