06 March 2012

Emily Kallie Barcelona

So I totally ripped off the Woody Allen movie title and replaced the name with mine and Emily's. It doesn't really work, and apparently that movie is really inaccurate because everyone lives in apartments in the city. Also, I don't like Woody Allen movies (especially that one but I'm in Paris and I'm too sleepy to be clever).
Anyway, Barcelona! What a lovely city, here is how the first full day went:
We rented the public transport bikes and rode part of the way across the city to the Arc de Triopmphe area. I was thrilled to be biking for the first time since November. I think there is no better way to see this city either!
Walking around near the Picasso Museum in the sun where it was summery warm.
Obligatory fashion blog shot with some awesome graffiti. I packed super light for the trip, so the outfit posts are going to be sparse. (Trench from H&M, American Apparel skirt, JCrew blouse, converse sneakers)
In the Picasso Museum we saw a wide range of his works from early to late in his career but unfortunately no photos. Museums are famishing, afterwards Emily and I had pinxhos which are so wonderfully cute and delicious. Its buffet style mini-foods speared with sticks that are added to reach your price. Lunch was paired with Cava a local sparkling wine.
From there, we meandered over to Gaudi's Segrada Familia and I convinced Emily to go inside. The light in the cathedral was incredible mingling colored stained glass light with clean bright white light playing on the bizarre architectural shapes.
A snap while biking home in the Barcelona sunset through a park with orange trees and a wooly mammoth statue.
We relaxed for a bit and got changed for going out. After having dinner at a delicious place with a polka dot theme that I didn't manage to get photos of (too busy stuffing it all in) we met up with my friend, Sarah from college, and her fiance for a glass of wine.
Before finishing the wine the fact that I had never tried Absinthe came up. Emily, Albert and I decided on our next stop.
Walking through nighttime city
At Bar Marsella trying Absinthe for the very first time. I don't care for it much, but the cool historical bar was awesome.
When 4am was coming fast and the bar emptied and cooled down we took a taxi back to the apartment to catch enough sleep for another full day of Catalonian adventure.


  1. Lucky  you!  A great city, a cool girlfriend and fun times.  How wonderful!

  2. That second photo, what a great shot. Barcelona looks beautiful!

  3. I've had so much fun following your journey! I've been to Spain but never to Barcelona, and my boyfriend tells me I missed out. I see that he's right.

    I have to ask...did you see Midnight in Paris? I know it's Woody Allen, but it's just so fun...


  4. your picture biking home is so picturesque & how awesome that you got to use the public bike share! Love your shot of la sagrada familia and the narrow alleyway (just what I think of about Spain). the lantern looks magical & so does the night- what a wonderful trip!


  5. All the places are awesome and  I really enjoyed and a lot of fun with your journey.

  6. Haha, I can't even believe that that was only one day.  I was going be start saying "No Kallie, you're getting confused," but then I realized you were in fact right!  Sheesh, no wonder we were all exhausted all weekend! :D

  7. I want to go sooooooo badly!  I like how many activities you fit into one day.  That's my girl. 

  8. I did NOT have this much fun when I went to Barcelona. Wish I had your adventures! My purse was stolen and my friends and I got separated at Sagrada Familia. So glad you had a better time than me!

  9. It's fun seeing the same trip on both your blogs. I really liked Barcelona when I went but having a local to go around with means you get to see all the good stuff! That sounds like a very long day! Enjoy Paris.

  10. Sounds like a FABULOUS first day in Barcelona. :)

  11. Hey Kallie, nice pictures. I guess I'll have to go inside Sagrada Familia at some point, it does look nice. Hope you are having fun in Paris.

  12. Wowww!! You've been in el Marsella!! It's a great place! But absenta is so strong! It's so nice to see you around Barcelona!! www.tinynicethings.blogspot.com

  13. Great photos! I visited Barcelona in February this year... It's beautiful ! I remember places from your photos! even took similar one with the bikes! xx


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