08 March 2012

Coffee, Miro, and Sitges; Barcelona

On my second full day in Barcelona we attempted to make an early start but staying out until 4 in the morning didn't help our cause. After getting ready we made our way to a bakery for pastry and then to the park for coffee.
The Miro Museum is really incredible because it is completely filled with his works spanning his entire career. It also has the benefit of being perched on a mountainside with a view.
Miro has his ladder of escape, but I prefer the funicular. Saying "funicular" is fun. Try it!
In the afternoon we took the train out to Sitges and the light was perfectly warm and golden like from a movie set in the Mediterranean.
Bloglovin' with Emily!
My first time seeing the beautiful Mediterranean sea. (Gap sweater, H&M dress, converse sneakers, Thai silk scarf)
Talking about blog things.
Sunset in Sitges.
Heading back to the city after dark.
In the evening we went out to dinner and then to the Moritz Factory, the oldest brewery in the Iberian Peninsula which was really old-meets-new and had awesome beer.


  1. The Texan and I went to Sitges a few years ago and absolutely adored it, the sun shone all day and everything was just so beautiful. Your photos bring back such happy memories! Glad to see you and Kallie are having an amazing time!

    Cat xxx

  2. I'm loving seeing your adventures! x

  3. Sitges looks beautiful. The shot of the two of you on the wall together looks so natural and happy and also very stylish, like the matching trench coats!

  4. Lovely pictures, that sunset one is beautiful! I love the stripy jumper too!

  5. oh how i love barcelona. it is so pretty and full of life!



    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. lovely photos.
    i love the one of you mucking around on the rocks.
    this makes me want to travel so much

  7. Everything is so beautiful. Including you and Emily, of course!

  8. Love that picture of you and em sitting on the wall. (I found you through emily's blog)

    Fantastic pictures of Barcelona...I'm definitely in the mood to visit now :)

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful adventure!

  10. I wish I was there with you guys, it looks amazing!!

  11. Such a beautiful blog :) your pictures are so different to your friends! Such different style, which is a good thing of course! Looks like an amazing adventure you are on :)

    I am now following you



  12. This trip just looks amazing. As soon as I can travel, I'm going to Spain! My aunt is obsessed with planning a family trip there. I also love your sweater...I was going to buy the exact same one when I saw it in the San Francisco Gap last weekend, but they didn't have the size I wanted.

  13. the sunset is so so pretty & I love the candid ones of you & Emily talking and hugging- I swear you were sisters in a past life! the pic w/ the cute little houses & scooters really does look like right out of a movie. How far away from Barcelona is that cute town? 


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