19 March 2012

Birthday dress

My birthday dress* has kind of an interesting story, I didn't really like it because maxi dresses aren't my thing. That is, until my mom and three other people in the Century 21 dressing room told me I looked tall. Me. Tall. What? Ok, so I've never been told that before, only the zipper was broken and I didn't want to spend $60 on a partially ruined dress.
But they said it made me look tall.
Scoured Amazon. SCORED! Got it brand new for $13 dollars.
As soon as I booked my plane tickets I knew it was meant to be my birthday dress. 25 is the year I stand tall.
*Its always been a tradition that I get a new dress to wear on my birthday (and obviously afterwards) every year.
For daytime I layered it with warm clothes for traipsing all over Paris, pairing it with Converse and my un-pictured Fjallraven backpack filled with a picnic lunch. For nighttime which I'll have to snap some pictures of soon I lost the layers and put on some heels for a night spent celebrating.
Romeo & Juliet dress, Uniqlo button down, H&M sweater, Thai silk scarf, Converse sneakers


  1. Hi Kallie, beautifuk dress...
    kisses rose jp

  2. OMG!  You've lost your hands!  Was there a terrible accident? :)

  3. Emily_RubySlippersMarch 20, 2012 at 5:47 AM

    Yayy, I love your birthday dress!  The only maxi I have is one my mom made in the 70s, and I don't think it makes me look tall at all, but strangely elegant while swishing around doing boring household things!  Looking forward to seeing the night version one of these days.

    P.S. I lost my mind after you left and had to buy my very own 90s grunge leopard print dress after seeing you in yours... I've never liked leopard print so I blame you!  On the plus side, it was only $15 on ebay so I guess I'll survive! ; )

  4. hahaha no, it got unexpectedly wintery up on that hill!

  5. I need to learn some layering lessons from you! I love how it all looks together!
    And of course the Eiffel Tower in the bacground... Wish I was there! :)

  6.  Thanks!! I was SO excited to wear it. Sam told me my outfit looked Swedish, which I took as a huge compliment. I felt crazy elegant!

    That is NOT losing your mind. Losing your mind is buying a 90E shirt ($130ish USD) from Maje. Yep...

    You better post some grrrrowly leopard pics soon!

  7. I LOVE the dress and you look so beautiful in it, you should have maxi dresses more often, sweetness!

  8. yaaaaay I love this outfit so much.  like I can't even explain to you how much.  

  9. you look lovely, what a pretty dress. Really like the layering of floral, denim and knit

  10. wow, $13?! what a bargain! :D

    <3, Mimihttp://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/Fashion To Figure Giveaway

  11. I've really been loving all of your posts and pictures about your trip, I am seriously envious. And this maxi dress looks so good on you - normally I don't really like maxi skirts/dresses, but I like that it's so casual and kind of grungy. I loooove it. Happy birthday!! <3

  12. you look awesomely grungy yet cute! and I love that motto of standing tall this year. Beautiful. I'm sure you will.

  13. Love the way you've styled it, I never look at maxi's cause I just dunno how to work them! :)

  14. aww I love your casual comfy look here, I feel like sometimes bloggers forget to show more wearable outfits & i extra love that you're wearing shoes appropriate for all the walking : )

  15. This ensemble is so very me! I love it. I think I might adopt your tradition and get a birthday dress annually too... Paris looks so beautiful. 

    Love from Jo'burg


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