27 February 2012

Museum of Natural History

Last Sunday morning Rich and I checked out of the Yotel and ventured uptown. Even though I've been to the Museum of Natural History about twenty times it could never get old. Its such a fascinating place to spend an afternoon wandering from room to room looking at all the wonders housed there. I especially love the dark halls that house the North American woodland animals and the massive blue-lit hall filled with sea dwellers.
Checking out some big Bison.
An escaped butterfly from the Butterfly House on a wall the color of flowers.
Like a living page from Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.
The blue lights and a Blue whale in the Hall of Oceans. I've always thought this would be the perfect room for a party.
Prehistoric New York City.
This display of a chipmunk's next makes me want to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox and his burrowing friends.
After leaving the museum we came across the beautiful under water mosaics in the subway station.

25 February 2012

Last Saturday's purple lights and meatballs

A long time ago, at jobs now far far away, Rich and I bought a Groupon deal for a night in the Yotel in Midtown Manhattan. Last Saturday we spent the night in our tiny "cabin" with nooks and crannies for everything you could think of high above the city. A bit of a belated Valentine's Day celebration, but also a chance to play tourist in New York.
Saturday afternoon sunshine with a beer, cheers!
I was a bit disappointed at check in that there wasn't an ACTUAL robot to check us in. There was a robot, but I think it was just for show. I was expecting something a little more Jetson-ish, but it was just a computer screen. Two elevator rides later we got to our room on the 24th floor looking down over the city.
Inside the room its very small, and everything is compact or folds away into tiny nooks and the bed folds into a couch to create more space. The bathroom was really modern with lots of glass and curtains separating it from the main room, but it let in all the light from the giant window. I was delighted with how charming, cozy and modern it was. It's how I imagine cool hotels in Japan would be.
There was an hour long wait at the Meatball Shop where we went for dinner, but we were told to expect that. If you ever go to the Meatball Shop (any location) make sure you have a place to hang out for awhile because its so popular. I was dying to eat something, but also dying to try the famous balls so we walked a few doors down to the Greenwich Treehouse to wait it out. The bar is placed just high enough above the street that you can sit at a long bar and watch everything just above the heads of passerby's. We watched some crazy guys fake fight across the street at another bar, cabs zoom by and cute dogs out for an evening stroll.
Finally we arrived at the famous Meatball Shop and circled our orders on the menu. I got the beef balls with parmesan cream sauce on mashed potatoes with a sunchoke salad on the side. Completely divine.
After dinner we hopped in our bubblegum pink Mini Cooper stretch limo...no just kidding. We had to walk off all the food we ate so we took the subway up to Times Square and walked past the New York Times building where we saw this crazy car. Can you guess who it was?
Taking a detour around the crowds in the area we arrived back at Yotel.
We meant to go upstairs and grab warmer clothes so we could walk over to another bar but I was so sleepy and full that we never made it. Even so, it was a perfect night.

23 February 2012


Vacation rules. All days should be vacation days! VACATION FOR EVERYONE! Ok, so since being off for a few days I've been a blob for the most part (and doing lots of blog brainstorming) but I just can't stand to sit around in pajamas all day. I feel weird and sleepy unless I shower and dress for the day. Its like a magical kickstart for my brain. At the same time, I don't want to be as done up as I am for work so the perfect solution is a tee shirt dress and oversized sweater. Add some high heel boots if I feel the need to leave the house.
Bringing me to my next point, recently I read a short but sweet blog post on dressing for work and I have to say after almost 4 years of blogging I feel like breathing a sigh of relief for someone else saying what I've thought forever. Sure, sometimes for work I love to look polished in a killer outfit I've put together. Other days, more often than not, I just want to wear an outfit like my vacation outfit. I'm running around all day doing a million things with my focus being pulled in all different directions. Usually I've swapped lipstick for chapstick 40 minutes into the morning and by my 5th cup of tea for the day (this is at noon if you don't know my habits) my shoes are off and my feet tucked under my bum in my chair.
Some days I wish I could wear all the layered-glittery-high-heeled outfits I dream of in my head or see in the blogosphere but that just isn't my reality. Since starting this blog I've striven to represent what I actually wear to my job. Maybe you've noticed my "what I wore to work" tags and if its there, that outfit got dragged in to work that day. Sometimes I see people in NYC streetstyle shots or in these phenomenal outfit pictures and I think, "There is no way they could wear that to work in all day," followed very shortly by, "And if they did, why can't they share their secrets to making awesome outfits more comfortable."
But for now, here is what I wore for a day off!
H&M dress, Gap sweater, Modcloth booties, AA tights, vintage purse, Wooden ships scarf, Uniqlo jacket

21 February 2012

Be Mine

I know its a little belated but I wanted to share some pictures from Valentine's day. Last year Rich and I had only been officially together for just over a month and we did a classic, dress up-nice dinner date. This year we did something that was a little more us, and went to the sports bar where we went the first time we went out. Back when he was just my friend he took me here for a burger and a beer, and on the most romantic of holiday's we went back. We had practically the whole place to ourselves, talked loud, drank beer and flirted all evening. This was the perfect way to spend the evening with my favorite guy.
When I got in from work LK had left surprise cupcakes for Rich and I at my house.
This is how I look when I feel awesome.
Pretty pink roses.
My handsome date.
Displaying some vintage ceramic Valentine's cats decorating the bar. It was hard to part with them.

13 February 2012

Tiny Radishes

Finally an outfit worth posting. Lately I've been more likely to wear leggings and sweaters, but today I pulled out a dark shirt dress with cute mini radishes printed on it. It must be all these fall collections that are making me want to wear all of my favorite autumn clothes.
I wore this to work and out for lunch at a cute place in Tribeca called Love & Peace on Moore and Greenwich streets. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, but this was the last Monday at my job. Soon I am going to be starting something new in Manhattan!
H&M dress, BDG cardigan, Modcloth booties, target socks, crystal bullet necklace, Halogen purse, vintage hat and watch

12 February 2012

Friday ice skating

It's all happening!
Ok, maybe not all, but things are happening. I'm sorry for the absence lately, but I've been feeling kind of bored and sad lately and that doesn't have much of a place here. Things are turning around though I think.
On Friday I went ice skating with some friends and then out for a few drinks. I figure skated for 15 years, but its been awhile since I've practiced, but it was fun to test my skills. There's nothing more perfect in the winter than gliding across the ice followed by drinks in a dark, cozy bar.
I put in fresh laces this year and it made my skates look so pretty.
Pretty Lindsay
Hanging out on the ice
Hey hey!
Giving Rich a pull and a skating lesson
The local craft brew bar, Effin Gruven
Its a little too dark for clear pictures

08 February 2012

In My Dancing Shoes

I love to wear my dancing shoes and slowly spin and sway to crackling records while the world turns grainy like an old movie. These might be for long nights with heels hooked on a bar stool, beer in hand at my usual haunts or magical nights wandering down rain soaked streets glittering under street lamps spilling my dreams to the one I love. These shoes have been hiding for far too long, and I think its time to take them for a twirl.
all treasures in the photos are vintage

07 February 2012

That Anne Girl

Whenever I would get sick as a little girl my mom would set me up on the couch with a thermos of soup, a package of crackers and a couple of VHS tapes. My ultimate favorite was Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Four tapes and one sick day filled with falling off a drain pipe, letting a mouse get in the pudding, the evil Pringle's in Kingston and handsome men vying for our red-headed heroine's attention. The stuff of little girl dreams.
Since I've come down with a gross cold and spent the day on the couch, I rediscovered my elementary school go-to. I love that Anne girl with all her awkward, embarrassing mishaps that make me feel like I have to run out of the room, and her fierce loyalty to those she loves.
The sets and costumes in the movie have such a clean, fresh aesthetic that I hadn't noticed until today. Probably because I was too young to care much about anything beyond the puffed sleeves which of course were the height of fashion to me when I was 6. Cotton dresses in light check patterns, straw hats and suspenders will likely be cropping up in my wardrobe soon though.
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