30 January 2012

Now the pale morning sings of forgotten things

I am so impatient today. The tides of change slowly,just barely, tugging me along. I long for the swift tides of change, and a bright morning filled with possibility. I'm consumed by exhausting daydreams, distracted to a fault. My focus has been wavering for months, but lately it feels like I'll never regain it.
That might be a little deep for an outfit post.
Anyway, here was what I wore today. A perfect description of this bizarre balmy winter; a summer dress under a thick cable knit sweater. I wish it would blizzard and then I could shovel the snow and watch it from the windows and under it as it falls in blankets over everything.
vintage dress, American Apparel sweater, H&M tights and booties


  1. Kallie you look awesome! I want it to snow here too, I want to make a giant snow-fort. The snow gods must be pissed or something....

    I bought boots like those from the thrift store and never wore them, I need a cute outfit like this to do so!

  2. LOVE the dress! So fun

  3. Beautiful words - haunting & relatable
    Let go of fear - make that change you've been craving - you are the only person that can make that change happen -  at least that's what I try to tell and remind myself. lol
    Have a good rest of week and make those daydreams happen. Fuck it. Why not, right?

  4. Ohhh that dress...this outfit...this everything!


  5. I love this outfit... and if you come here we can chat about all of life's myriad frustrations....

  6. Maybe you have an iron deficiency...
    Kidding, that is what my doctor told me when I said I had trouble focusing.
    But I think it is just this time of year, I always feel ready for CHANGE. Like BIG change. A huge blizzard might help. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

  7. So cute, I love the double necklace look!

  8. I hope you get your groove back soon :) hugs!

  9. Your dress is really great & I love how you combined it!

    XO, Aline

  10. it has to be the time of year, i've been feeling the same lately.

  11. This is perfect. I love leopard print and navy blue, so the combination is perfect in my book!

  12. Kallie was beautiful in that dress and sweater ... I loved your photos, you're always beautiful, her hair is too beautiful
    kisses rose jp

  13. i love your first aid kit reference. and this outfit. the dress is super spunky under the sweater. 

  14. girlnextdoorfashionFebruary 1, 2012 at 6:19 AM

    lovelovelove this Kallie. I need that dress!

    Charlotte x

  15. the white tight looks great! xx



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