17 January 2012

Breweries and Ale Houses

On Saturday I went with some friends to Brooklyn to celebrate our friend Colleen's birthday. Starting with the train ride in to Manhattan we spent the whole day drinking beers and hanging out. Take a look!
Waiting for the subway
We got into the first car of the subway and had quite a view. Remember that episode of Felicity where she hears about the subway tunnel dwellers? Yea, so did we!
Brown boots and jeans were the uniform for the day!
Hi there sleepyhead!
At Brooklyn Brewery, the beers on tap! Be careful drinking the Blast, its pretty dangerous.
With the girls...and the conditioning tanks.
A few of us were starving so we went around the corner to Brooklyn Bowl for fried chicken.
After eating a huge burger and french fries we met up with everyone else at Brooklyn Ale House. I found Maggie and Meghan perched on some bikes.
Playing seven-eleven-doubles.
After that we made our way to Radegast Beer Hall and the night began to look like this so I only stayed for a short time.


  1. What a fun night!  Nothing beats friends, beer and urban excitement.

    Every year my friends and I do a Five Bar Tour at different places.  Usually Manhattan but sometimes Brooklyn and, once, even Philly!

  2. looks like such a fun time with friends! :)
    your shoes are really cool too...!

  3. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Cheers to good friends and a good beer!

  4. Looks like a really fun time! Now I want a beer...

  5. Love these photos! I really want to go to NY now!


  6. Hi thanks for visiting my blogKallie, I was happy cause I'm your fan..Kallie beautiful that the second photo...nice to ride with friends andgood fun...
       kisses rose jp

  7. Kallie!!! I forgot ... I loved his red cap ..
     kisses rose jp

  8. LOVE the picture of the brown boots and jeans - adorbs!  :)

  9. Oh my! I love your red beanie! Are those anchors in it? Because if they are, I love it even more!


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