31 January 2012


Today I wore a vintage dress with a funky pattern. I was too tired to take my picture, so Rich took it for me. He's so sweet.
vintage dress, Thai silk scarf, Dolce Vita boots, Goody headband

30 January 2012

Now the pale morning sings of forgotten things

I am so impatient today. The tides of change slowly,just barely, tugging me along. I long for the swift tides of change, and a bright morning filled with possibility. I'm consumed by exhausting daydreams, distracted to a fault. My focus has been wavering for months, but lately it feels like I'll never regain it.
That might be a little deep for an outfit post.
Anyway, here was what I wore today. A perfect description of this bizarre balmy winter; a summer dress under a thick cable knit sweater. I wish it would blizzard and then I could shovel the snow and watch it from the windows and under it as it falls in blankets over everything.
vintage dress, American Apparel sweater, H&M tights and booties

27 January 2012

January Songs

Here are some of the songs I've been listening to on repeat this month. I love them all enough to share them, but you know how it is when you listen to the same songs over and over and get sick of them. Right? Except the Grimes song. I can't get enough of that whispery high pitch singing and twinkling sound, it syncs up perfectly to the exact speed I walk while outside in January. That also goes for just about everything by Sleigh Bells. I think of them as specifically 'walking with purpose' music. The last song, by Miniature Tigers, well that one just sort of makes me a little bit weepy sad-lovey dovey (in a good way, if there is one) and I don't recommend listening to every single lyric while sitting at work without headphones because someone will hear it and make some stupid emo-kid joke.
Got any good songs to replace the ones I've played out? Let me know.
Happy weekend!
January 12 by Kallie on Grooveshark

26 January 2012

"No one wants to kiss a girl in black"

I am completely obsessed with Downton Abbey. Really and truly. I watched the entire first series on the one and only snowy day we've had this year only moving from the couch between episodes. Downton is just the kind of entertainment I love; understated drama, smoldering suffering and delicious British accents. The interaction between the servants and the served is fascinating to watch, early 20th Century setting makes for timely plot twists and gorgeous costumes. Oh the costumes!
Romantic twists for everyone! I love how honest Lord Grantham is about the early days of his marriage with Cora (spoiler alert), and admits he only married her for her money and then they fell in love. In that order.
And Bate's! A middle aged, average looking and disabled and he's the romantic hero with honor, pride and humility. I CAN NOT wait to see how it pans out with Anna (I already know because I looked it up on Wikipedia but I want to SEE it).
Have I mentioned the costumes? They are so authentic and true to the time period (please note that my expertise is directly based what I saw in James Cameron's Titanic which BTW is coming out in 3-D soon *yay*). In the last screencap you can see the purple and striped dress that Mary wears that I'm completely obsessed with. I love the directions the stripes point in, especially on the sleeves, the lace collar and the perfect colors. Its become my dream dress.
On another note, I love watching Maggie Smith dish out her biting tidbits of wisdom. The show is worth watching for these alone.
Screencaps from here

25 January 2012

Wednesday Wearing

Here is how I looked today. A super-soft sweatshirt, warm boots and a twirly skirt. Just a simple one. I won't be wearing this skirt without a slip again. Today was one long fashion malfunction with my skirt flipping up and all over the place. Not good for work. It's so annoying to have to fidget with my skirt all day long. Oh well, wear and learn.
Disney sweatshirt, American Apparel corduroy skirt, Gap blouse, H&M tights, Doc Marten's, vintage hair clip and locket

24 January 2012

One to Twenty

It's been just over 20 days since I started my journal I got for Christmas. It asks 1 question per day for a year, and repeats for 5 years! I'm going to be nearly thirty when I finish this entirely. Somehow that seems like such a crazy prospect, to see how things will change across my mid to my late twenties.
These are the first twenty questions with today's answers. I can't share all my secrets on the Internet!
1)What is your mission? To make 2012 my most creative year yet and to complete a 30 mile bike tour.
2)Can people change? Yes, people can be changed from within and from without.
3)What are you reading right now? I'm in a plane of lit boredom post Millenium Trilogy.
4)The best part of today? Getting to kiss Rich when he came over tonight.
5)What was the last restaurant you went to? Nick's in Rockville Centre on Saturday night.
6)Today was tough because? Too many things I want to do in a day and never enough time for all of them.
7)You are lucky; how so or not so? Yes, I could be the luckiest girl the the world with love and friends and family.
8)What song is stuck in your head? Ho Hey by The Lumineers
9)Was today typical? No, it was so warm out it felt like Spring and I took a walk at lunch and sat in a park.
10)Write down something that inspired you today. The Current/Elliot spring 2012 lookbook, it made me want to play dress up and play in the sun
11)Today you lost___. I lost track of my list of things to do! That's what I get for not writing everything down in my planner and scribbling on tiny corners of paper.
12)What's your favorite accessory? The locket my aunt bought me when I was little (I wear it almost everyday)
13)Where do you want to travel next? Paris for my birthday and Barcelona the next weekend.
14)Are you a leader or a follower? A little of both in equal parts.
15)On a scale of 1 to 10 how was your lunch? A bit boring and cold because I didn't heat it up.
16)Do you owe someone money? Does someone owe you money? I owe money for school loans, but I don't think anyone owes me any.
17)What's the oldest thing you're wearing today? My tall black Dolce Vita boots I bought in 2008.
18)What was peaceful about today? Knowing I have a plan for the future floating to the surface.
19)List three foods you ate today. Scrambled eggs, a baked potato and a pear
20)Are you holding a grudge? No, it makes no sense to hold on to them.
It's not too late to start. You can get a 5 year journal here!

23 January 2012

The Winter Dress

Late in the summer Callie came to New York and when we were thrifting I fell in love with this vintage dress. Navy and dark cinnamon houndstooth on a light brown base makes it the perfect colors for a stormy winter day. The square neck is a little hard to work with because its slightly too big for me and creates a weird revealing gap easily remedied with a jersey turtleneck. I also had it altered a bit because it was gigantic when I bought it, but how could I resist? It is exactly my style and I'm guessing its from the late sixties which makes me love it even more.

22 January 2012


This was my weekend outfit. I say weekend because I wore it on Saturday and Sunday, which has become quite a habit for me. My favorite tee shirt, cozy tights and piled on sweaters are my favorite for staying warm in the house or venturing out into the snow for a beer with friends.
H&M sweaters, Paul & Joe Sister teeshirt, AA dress, H&M tights, Doc Marten Pascal boots

21 January 2012

A few of my favorite things

Here are a few things that I love right now.
NOM! Eating lots of Smarties. I don't really like chocolate, but Smarties are just so deliciously awesome. Super thank you to Laura for sending them from England since you can't get them in the US.
The Oatmeal blackout in protest of SOPA
I bought a case for my Kindle from Pad & Quill that disguises my e-reader and makes it look like a book. The other night on the train someone said, "I thought that was a real book!" I said, "It is a real book, its just modern."
My Girls Rock Coloring Book arrived in the mail! Can't wait to fill it in.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend xo!

19 January 2012

Untucked Bookworm

Right now I'm racing through Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy and I'm about halfway through The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and I can hardly put it down. My untucked outfit was perfect for sitting in the warm train with the lights flying past while I was glued to every page. I felt like a girl version of the Mikael Blomkvist that exists in my head, with my untucked blouse and knitted sweater. Somehow I feel like that's how he would dress, but with pants.
Have you read anything good lately? I'm going to be super bored when I finish this shortly.
Souvenir tote, vintage purse, H&M dress, blouse and sweater, Liz Claiborne tights via Century 21, Modcloth booties, Garnett Jewelry necklace

18 January 2012

Happiness is bright colors

Back in 2006 I bought an Isaac Mizrahi for Target wallet in bright blue and silver on sale for just $12. It seemed perfect for years until recently I noticed the the metal details tarnished, seams were coming loose and the threads were grey and pieces started to fall off. For awhile I searched for something similar that could fit a lot of cards, coins and a checkbook but it was all too expensive and didn't feel right.
In this dreary winter with no snow when the cold seems pointless, I found myself a perfect cure in pretty, bright colors. Banishing gloomy feelings and my decrepit old wallet.
On a trip to Century 21 (a discount department store), I chanced upon a bright pink and beige Kate Spade mini wallet.
I never thought of getting such a small wallet but it holds all the essentials and makes my bag so much lighter (a concern when you lug your giant camera everywhere).
I especially love the shapes and color of the laser cut leather.
Its like a blast of happiness every time I open my purse.

17 January 2012

Breweries and Ale Houses

On Saturday I went with some friends to Brooklyn to celebrate our friend Colleen's birthday. Starting with the train ride in to Manhattan we spent the whole day drinking beers and hanging out. Take a look!
Waiting for the subway
We got into the first car of the subway and had quite a view. Remember that episode of Felicity where she hears about the subway tunnel dwellers? Yea, so did we!
Brown boots and jeans were the uniform for the day!
Hi there sleepyhead!
At Brooklyn Brewery, the beers on tap! Be careful drinking the Blast, its pretty dangerous.
With the girls...and the conditioning tanks.
A few of us were starving so we went around the corner to Brooklyn Bowl for fried chicken.
After eating a huge burger and french fries we met up with everyone else at Brooklyn Ale House. I found Maggie and Meghan perched on some bikes.
Playing seven-eleven-doubles.
After that we made our way to Radegast Beer Hall and the night began to look like this so I only stayed for a short time.
happy, honey & lark. All rights reserved. © Maira Gall.