23 December 2011

Style File: Fall

Wearing a vintage dress with a sailor style twist when I met Callie(with her camera on my shoulder)
Classic threads for biking to work
Glinda gets modern
I skipped a Halloween costume and opted for vintage and velvet
My favorite outfit of 2011. I know that because I always want to wear it!
I bought a cuddly Bambi sweatshirt to wear instead of a typical knitted sweater
Everything in this outfit was bought secondhand, and the shirt is from the swap!
Chilly weather finally arrived, and with it a new winter coat!
So that was my year in style. There has been some good and some bad. My style drifts between the 60's and the 90's and will likely continue down that road in 2012. Last year my resolution was to get better at accessorizing, but I'm not sure it really happened, but there's always next year!


  1. That vintage dress in the first photo is one of the best creations I've ever seen.  A work of art.  The bambi sweatshirt, perhaps because of its kitschy appeal, is nice, too.

    Happy holidays, Kallie!

  2. That first dress is just perfect. I love your sense of style.

  3. I love all of these outfits - I think my favourite thing about your style is your diversity! I never know what era you're going to be channeling from one outfit post to the next but the one dependable is that I always love what you wear :) Happy christmas xxx

  4. Read My Life As CarrieDecember 23, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    you're first dress is so unique. definitely never seen anything like it before. i like your outfit in the 3rd picture. 

     HAPPY HOLIDAYS!Come and enter!In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  5. the first dress has me swooooooning!

    <3 steffyhttp://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com

  6. Thse posts are great and that red skirt is to die for.

  7. Your fave outfit is probably my fave outfit as well. Very effortless yet perfect, the sort of balance we all hope to achieve!

  8. i adore your style!


  9. aw come on, you always have great style. i love that gray coat!! happy almost new years :)


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