30 December 2011

Santa Baby

Santa was good to me this year, and I'm feeling quite spoiled. I'm so lucky to have all the people I love in my life, and on top of being wonderful people they are also generous. Here are some pictures of new things I was given for Christmas.
Richard gave me a Robot Tea Diffuser, which is adorable and makes me laugh because it looks like he is hanging out in a jacuzzi.
Cozy sweaters, a very 60's dress and some surprises from my mom.
A wonderful 5 year journal that asks a question everyday for a year to be used as a sort of time capsule of thoughts.
Pearl hair clips and a new Moleskien day planner.
My jewelry box from Rich, and the presents from inside. A bike pendant and a cat lovers pin from Etsy, and the Lapis Triangle Cut-Out Necklace that I've been wishing for from Garnett Jewelry.
A ring that reminds me of Turkey from my Grandparents.

So, what did Santa bring you this year?


  1. Santa was good to you this year! You'll have to post pictures of you wearing the cat sweater soon, it looks adorable. I'm also amazed by the robot tea infuser, it's such a fun little surprise in your cup. 

  2. LookuglyinaphotographDecember 30, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    Such lovely gifts! Especially love the bike and cat pins, although the Moleskin day planner is pretty awesome too (can't live without mine!)

    Lovely Christmas photos in the last post.

  3. That robot tea-diffuer is too cool!  What a great gift.

  4. What great presents! I love that little tea diffuser. He looks so cool! I got DVDs and books, and a blender, and Kate Spade's Twirl. Wheeee.

  5. ahh the robot tea thing is too great!! Also, those hairpins are gonna look so good in your hair! Grant got me a little gold mouse hair pin from Etsy that is is almost too pretty to wear. I'm paranoid that it'll fall out or something :/ PS: Have a Happy New Year!! <3

  6. That Questions book is such a clever idea! ^^

  7. Read My Life As CarrieDecember 30, 2011 at 4:25 AM

    Oh mygosh, that coffee diffuser is tooooo adorable! hahahaha.
    I also like your knit sweater. it's totslly cute!
    and i'm curious about that Q and A book. It seems interesting.


  8. Aaw I love the robot diffuser, so funny I need one of those! Everything else loks lovely, I had my eye on that cat jumper too :)
    This year I got a prety wool twinset and The Muppets pyjamas.

  9. wow wow wow!! Love them all! that Q & A journal is sooo cool!

    x Aliya

  10. Before I'd even read to the end of your post I'd ordered that diary off Amazon. Such a cool idea! Like an ongoing time capsule. Loving the jewellery box too and all the other bits and bobs! They're all clearly really thoughtful presents! I got a lovely camera bag for Christmas, a million and one books and I have a new camera lens & some other surprises from my boyfriend that all got delayed in the post (or not ordered in time..ahem!!) :) Happy New Year!!

  11. Wow! You got some really lovely things. That journal is a great idea. Also, multiple cat related things is always a must. That pin is divine. As for Tardy comfy-ness, YES. They are surprisingly comfortable. The inside is squishy and since they have a platform, they're also pretty easy to walk in. The oly thing is that they're slightly heavier than most shoes I've ever worn, but that's because the heel is made of solid wood. I think you should definitely invest in some! They come in some pretty cool textures and fabrics, now. I don't know what size your feet are, but, they still have a few sizes left in r Ed and black on Free People here:


  12. where did you get the Q and A year book from do you know? I would love to own one too.


  13. I think someone in the comments mentioned Amazon.com. My mom bought it for me so I'm not really sure but I bet Amazon has it :)

  14. That diary sounds perfect! I also love the little cat and the jacuzzi robot! :)
    Some really inspired, lovely presents! :)

  15. I really want that Q&A a day journal! Writing each night can be tedious, especially when you're a blogger and you already spill half your guts on a daily basis! It will be fun for you to look back and read your answers in a few years.  That jewelry box is lovely too!
    Superstition Vintage

  16. I love the journal and the robot tea diffuser. You got some really cool presents! I got a lot of bath and shower goodies, sweets and chocolate and some money :) xxx

  17. Kallie, I WANT that little robot.  I love how cheerily chilled out he looks!

  18. Great gifts! That tea diffuser is so cute, so is that little kitty pin. I received a muffin cookbook and a trio of glass measuring cups, plus a waffle maker. I'm quite happy!

  19. That robot tea diffuser is amazing! My sister would love that so much. I need to find one for her next time. She already has a "tea-rex" one though...


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