14 December 2011

Helmet Pledge

Just about every morning I ride my bike to the train station so I'm constantly looking for blogs or pictures that fuse biking and fashion. The photos of girls with skirts streaming behind them as they ride, or paused at a corner waiting for the traffic light to change while wearing high heels are my inspiration. However, I do notice a sad lack of head-wear, specifically, helmets. As an early Christmas gift Rich bought me a Nutcase helmet because we both like my brains inside my head, rather than on the road. The helmet is lightweight, can be adjusted to fit your head and won't slide around once its been set. It has a magnetic clasp that's easy to open and close with one hand, but once its on the strap rests in a comfortable place under your chin. It is also made of a reflective material to enhance visibility on the road and if you check out the website, comes in about 30 or so different color options.
Helmets are fashionable is my new road mantra. I'm guilty of not wearing a helmet and have a multitude of excuses why I didn't. I promise, it will not mess up your hair THAT badly and it doesn't make you look stupid. It looks smart (in both the sense of intelligence and looking sharp).
From now on, I promise to wear my helmet! Will you promise to get one and wear it?


  1. Hell Yeah! I forgot my helmet the other night and someone out of their car window yelled "Wear a helmet ... LIVE"... hahaha.. so true!

  2. I think it's great that you did a post about this. I almost never see people wearing a helmet unless they're those people that do the bike racing and have to zip around town in their whole bike getup. It's easier to convince yourself to wear one if you readhear stories about the people that could still be alive had they worn one. Even though they look kind of doofy, it's better than being a vegetable! So hooray for you!

  3. yes yes yes
    I am all about helmets. I saw a girl at the lights today with a sticker on her helmet that said "i love my brains" so good.

  4. I love this post! I just learned how to bike and I was thinking of biking to work. Also, I know what you mean with those girls looking chic while riding a bike. :) 

  5. Hi Kallie!!! looks like a doll, you're gorgeous
    kisses rose-in japan

  6. In Australia it's against the law to ride a bike without a helmet, so I'm always on the lookout for ones that look a bit better than the normal daggy styles. I really like the style you're wearing - you make it look so chic!

  7. TwomonthtillnovemberDecember 15, 2011 at 2:57 AM

    Biking IS fashion, babe :o)

  8. I'm considering it.  I actually don't know what I think of helmets after some courses on risk last year.  On the one hand, there's no doubt that in the case of a direct head injury, they save lives.  On the other hand, they've done studies that suggest that cars are actually more reckless around cyclists who wear helmets AND they have such a deterring effect that frequently places with helmet laws (hi Vancouver) have low ridership as people will avoid wearing them.  So all those avoiders are missing out on the other real health benefits of cycling.

    It's not really necessary for me here as most of the time I ride in designated bike lanes that are separate from traffic and most of the rest of the time on the sidewalk.

    BUT I also know that a huge part of my resistance is that most of the helmets are those dorky peaked ones, and that if  I could find one like yours around here somewhere, I'd probably be way more open to it --but probably still wouldn't wear it in 35°C summer heat. ; p

  9. Yay I am so glad to see this post! As Soph said it is compulsory to wear a helmet in Australia but I STILL see idiots riding fixies in the middle of six lanes of traffic without a helmet. Ridiculous! My ride to work is pretty safe but id never even think if doing it without a helmet.
    I wear a helmet skiing as well, it's so much warmer than a hat!
    My parents have always said that wearing a helmet doesn't mean you're not a good bike rider, you're just protecting yourself against stupid drivers. Also, your tire could blow out at any minute.
    Maybe I'll do a cycling fashion post! I'll let you know if I do!

  10. I love bike riding and next year for uni I'm looking forward to being able to commute by bike each and every day. 

    As I think has already been said, it's a legal requirement to wear a helmet in Australia, so I'm always extremely happy to see helmet-wearers as it is just what I've grown up with. This helmet is cute though, and I know what you mean about helmet hair etc: I hate my bike helmet. It's icky.


  11. You need a helmet riding a bike, it's much safer! Love your coat!

  12. I have to agree with you on the driver safety issues, and where you are biking could be a factor. In countries with high volumes of bikers, drivers are accustomed to driving alongside them or they have bike lanes. However, I do see where drivers might not be as cautious because they see your helmet.
    Where I live my two biggest biking concerns are getting hit from behind and getting doored (when someone opens the door of their car as you ride by and you fly over the top/right into their door). Drivers are completely oblivious to bikers and we have no bike lanes and terrible sidewalks. That's just where I live. Where I work  in NYC, or anywhere in the city...I would strongly recommend a helmet because there are SO many obstacles (did you ever see that video of the guy who rides in bike lanes and hits like a million things??) also, pedestrians! If you hit them, its bad.
    I mean, a helmet is not gonna keep you from breaking your neck or nose, was my justification for not wearing it...but I dunno...lately I've had some brushes with idiot drivers.
    Like I said, it really depends where you live. All the Australians have to wear them legally, New Yorkers are oblivious drivers...etc...

  13. Good post! Helmets are so important. As I always say to people, "you know, your hair won't look good when it's covered in brains and blood".  

  14. even though I also hate helmets, i've known soo many people that have gotten hit on their bikes. It really is a smart thing to do! and I am glad you're going to wear yours. 

  15. Yeah, I saw that video... sad/hilarious.  

    I've been thinking of getting a helmet myself, probably because I feel less immortal than I used to, haha.  Can't believe some of the states I used to ride my bike in.  Interesting factoid is that Australia, despite its helmet laws, has absolutely terrible statistics for biking accidents.

    Sorry, I'll get away from my thesis material now.  Anyway, lovely helmet Kallie. : )

  16. Seriously, I'm all about the helmets! Not very coold to get brain damage is it?

  17. Helmets are essential.  Nobody plans to crash and, when you do, they provide critical protection.

    I had a motorcycle accident eight years ago and, without a helmet, wouldn't be writing this.  My lid had a 1/4"-deep hole gouged out of it.

  18. lovely!! you make a perfect bicycle babe 

    xo katrinatheyoungbridgetjones.blogspot.com

  19. I know the feeling, nearly getting backed over last week while riding home in the dark... (even with my lights) it was terrifying. When I was 19 I got hit by a car on my bike but I got up and brushed off and was fine. Now, I don't know if I would react the same way.
    That Australian stat is really odd, but I guess it proves that drivers are less cautious if people are wearing helmets (or, no offense to the Australians they are terrible drivers/bikers).
    Get a helmet lady!

  20. I like your brains in your head as well.
    Kudos for rocking the helmet. :)


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