25 December 2011

Happy Birthday Lindsay Kate

In 2003 Lindsay and I had met a couple of times because our boyfriends were friends, but I barely knew her. At the end of that summer our friend threw a party and since I couldn't drive, she offered to pick me up. In the car we talked about our mutual friends and people we knew and the usual awkward things you talk about when you don't know someone well. Then she put on a CD. Both of us were dancing and singing along and yelling, "This is my song!" every time a new one came on. We got completely lost on our way, but were having such a good time that we barely noticed that we were missing half of the party. When we got there we were attached at the hip, eating rummy bears and drinking super-sweet Schmirnoff Ices in our own little world. In the morning we both wanted to get home early, so we got in her car and drove home. That spurred about a million inside jokes that we still laugh about today.
I remember coming home and being SO EXCITED that I had made a new friend. That week we hung out and "got coffee" which to me at 16 seemed like a cool mature thing my new friend who was in college did. Just about every day until I graduated high school we would buy coffees and sit and hang out in her car after we were both done with school and work.
Lindsay (or LK as she is usually known around here) has been my best friend since the night of that party. We have had a million adventures together. There is nothing I can't tell her, even if I don't want to because I'm not one for getting emotional. When I needed an extra summer job she got me one at the JCC she worked at and where I ended up working on and off for 6 years. When I was going through a tough but necessary break-up in college she drove 300 miles to come and hang out with me and to drag me out to parties at my own school multiple times. She wasn't mad when I didn't call for weeks when I was at college because she knows I'm not a phone person. When I was on Accutane and she knew I was feeling really hideous she would reassure me that it wasn't going to be forever. She always has a book recommendation or a new song for me to listen to.She isn't afraid to tell me when I piss her off, and always apologizes if she does something that bothers me. She is always, ALWAYS ready for an adventure (as long as she has some sleeping pills if it involves airplanes).
Linds is without a doubt the most loyal, honest, funniest, smartest, weirdest, best friend a girl could ask for. Its so weird to think that we've only been friends for 8 years because I can't even really remember what it was like before we were friends. Its like she's always been there because we know one another's families, childhood stories and just about everything else. She's the sister I never had.
(I should tell you, I just took a break from writing this to text her a poop joke)
Instead of Merry Christmas today, Happy 27th Birthday Lindsay!!!


  1. What a lovely tribute!  I'm glad you have her in your life.  Friends like this are invaluable.

  2. : )  Happy birthday to her.  You're lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

  3. Aww, this is such a sweet post! Happy birthday to her! Good friends are the best.

  4. This is such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to LK!

  5. This is adorable!  Lindsay is such a sweetheart- I had such a fun time with you two that night!! :]  

  6. Awww that's really sweet :) Happy birthday to LK! And I'm kinda curious about that poop joke.... :)


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