10 December 2011

Style file, Winter 2011

Since its December I thought it would be fun to look at some of my favorite outfits I photographed this past year. I guess style is always changing, but keeping a blog makes it really easy to look back at the changes. There were definitely a few I look back on and think, wow I can't believe I wore that in public let alone photographed to show all of you. But there were a few that I also really liked. Overall I think the thing that's changed the most is that I don't want to look so precious. There was a phase where cutesy was my thing, but not so much anymore.
Technically this is from 2010, but it was last winter, so it counts! I'll probably wear this again because I'm so in love with black and white and green.
I made my own hair bow and wore it all the time.
This Club Monaco skirt was my favorite and I wore it at least once a week.
Red, white and blue was my go-to color combo and I wore this outfit at least once every weekend.
I wore my favorite dress with a heavy sweater to walk in the snow
This vintage sweater got lots and lots of wear, its super cozy.
Another favorite.


  1. This is so interesting. your style really has changed. I think you look at lot more mature now. I also find myself wanting to dress less cutesy-ly. It totally used to be my thing. It's fun to look back.:)


  2. Agree with you about the cutesy thing, I went through a serious phase of it last winter. Peter pan collars, lacey short dresses and oxfords were my thing. Kinda over it now, great how we can see these changes by looking back at our blogs!

  3. See I'm still all about collars and lace, but styled differently. I've definitely noticed that on your blog.

  4. Hi kallie, Beautiful !!!!
    Kisses rose- in japan.

  5. I love all the outfits you stylish lady! The blue and white dress looks gorgeous and the hat suits you so well too. x

  6. I've loved your style ever seen I stumbled upon your blog and enjoy seeing these a second time.  Retrospectives are fun and educational.

    Thanks for the comment.  Maybe I'm deluded but I believe my friends (like you) are reading even when there's no comment from them.

  7. Oh wow...so many lovely outfits!! If I had to choose a favourite...the striped top, navy skirt and white cardigan combo would probably very narrowly win but they're all so pretty!!

  8. Ee, I love retrospectives... might have to do one myself now!  : )

  9. You have amazing style!  I love the combination of blue, red and white on you and the green hat in the first picture is sooo adorable!

    x Aliya

  10. You always look so cute! I can't wait to see pics of your new hairz. You even inspired me to trim my own fringe, I can see :) I hope that you are feeling okay, I know this time of year always seems so insane. 

  11. Great recap! I enjoyed all the outfits! Red, white, and blue is one of my favorite color combinations too, so I really liked those looks.


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