03 November 2011

Thursday lunch date

Robin came to visit me in SoHo at lunch today and we went to my favorite lunch spot, Mooncake Foods. That's the place I go all the time because they use fresh ingredients, its dirt cheap for this neighborhood and they make the plates extra full. We sat at the counter and did our catching up, talking about our boyfriends and about her birthday celebration this weekend. Lunch dates are the best, its like a mini-Saturday just smack in the middle of the spreadsheets.
H&M skirt and tee, Lucky boots, BDG sweater, this is how I get grungy when I'm busy in the office
Hi Robin!
Hugs! Thanks for letting me try out your hat!
Because this is thriller, thriller night ...And no one's going to save you from the beast about to strike


  1. I'm lovin' that hat!  It looks great on both of you.  Glad you had fun during a workday.

  2. fun lunch date! it's nice to have a quick break in the middle of a workday. :) love that girl's hat!

  3. you are such a darling!! jealous you get to wear this to work! it's very cute! and ahh i need a hat like this! love it!

  4. yeah, you're cute and all, and yeah, food is pretty kickass... but mostly i'm preoccupied with the girl in the background of your last photo! haha

  5. Robin's hat is adorable! I want it! haha. You look very cute and comfy too! I'm also loving the photo bomb in the last picture. Priceless.

  6. I love lunch dates in the middle of the work day!  The only problem is you can't have anything to drink and you always have to leave too soon...

  7. nice hat.. :) http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com

  8. Lovely outfit! I like the skirt and how you matched those boots with the rest of the look :) and that lunch looks yummy!
    Life is a romantic poem

  9. Lovely colors, both of you! Mustard, grapes, plums.. Yummy cocktail of autumn! :)

  10. Cute shots - specially the last one, with that crazy girl yelling behind the window :D

  11. cute pics!!

  12. the soup looks YUMMM and i love your hat!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. i wish we had little diners/restaurants like this in WV.. :(
    but we do not.. only KFC and all the other unhealthily dives. 
    you look beautiful..it is always nice to catchup with a friend. 
    have a wonderful weekend love. 

  14. Let's talk about hair!

    1.  These pictures of you remind me that I need a trim.  Now.
    2.  I like Robin's hair color.  Iz pretty.
    3.  In response to your comment, I dyed my hair purple for Halloween, but it washes right out.  My scalp is still pink though.  It's sexy.
    4.  I saw girls in straight-up bras and thongs on Halloween, so I like to think I'm somewhat conservative!  A little cleavage never hurt no one, though.

  15. Hair:
    1)ME TOO. Like last week. I was all, lemme grow it out a bit...no. Its disgusting. I'm too lazy for anything longer than my ears.
    2)I will tell her you think so
    3)Sounds sexy as hell, who doesn't like to look like they might secretly be hiding superpink skin?
    4) HO's errywhere. I was super impressed with your ability to look sexy but not slutty.

  16. Best photo bomb ever.

  17. LOVE YOU! Ps read through the comments, you've got lots of admirers. AND ADD YOUR BLOG LINK TO YOUR NAME WOMAN! SHEESH.

  18. i love the grungy look girl!!! :D

    oooo and i'll make sure to hit up that spot when i'm in soho!! :)

  19. Or email me and we can go together! Blogger meetup!


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