12 November 2011


November 11th every year I try to remember to wear brown, mode (light brown) and pink, the Gamma Phi Beta colors for Founders Day. I'll never forget those two years of my life that I was a member of the Zeta Pi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. What initially drew me to it was the idea of doing community service with girlfriends, having more than just classwork to focus on and the fact that my only friend that terrifying first week of college was dead-set on joining. I would never say that I loved it 100% of the time though, but I did care about it a great deal and had more fun than I can even describe.
As I get older the mottos and old fashioned sayings and what it stood for begins to mean more and more to me than they did then though. In college I think I wasn't mature enough to really digest it all. Now, removed from the drama and stress of constantly being around 30-something girls (very few of of whom I had much in common with) and the added pressure of classwork, I think they are closer to my heart. One of which is the "mission" of the sorority, "To promote the highest type of womanhood." At 18, I was barely a woman. At 24, when I take these words to heart they are truly inspiring.
It would be a lie if I said at the time we weren't all more concerned with what everyone thought of us, parties, boys and having a good time. Of course we cared about community service and the organization, but not in the way I think the founders meant it to. Now when I look back on it, what the organization stands for means more to me because it has more relevance to my life. And those sisters that I do make an effort to keep in touch with (probably 2 or 3) mean so much more to me.
So, Happy Founders Day ΓΦΒ in IIKE
H&M Sweater, American Apparel skirt, Wooden Ships scarf, Envy via Modcloth shoes, Gamma Phi Beta pins
At a football game with the Gamma girls in fall 2005


  1. Memorabilia :) this pic is so teen!
    Keep up with the good work ;)

  2. what a cutie! id never pin you as a sorority gal! i always wondered what it would be like to join one, but never actually did it ;)

    <3 steffyhttp://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com

  3. Aw! That's so sweet. We don't have sororities here in Canada, but I think they sound lovely.
    I adore your scarf and pink top. I can't get enough of that AA skirt!

  4. cutest sweater, you look adorable

  5. LOVING your whole outfit , head-to-toe!! you also look a lot like Alexa Chung in these photos! amazing :)

    x Lauren

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  6. i love your look! You look so sweet! The sweater is so nice! 

  7. you look beautiful and so chic dear!! love your hairstyle!! aweosme scarf and boots!! great classy skir tand beautiful striped sweater!! so cute color!! awesome blog!! following!!

  8. Such an adorable little outfit. I love the mix of pink and brown. It's girly and autumnal and cute!

  9. Very cute!

  10. I always wanted to join a sorority, they don't exist over here :( gorgeous color combo and super sweet write up!

  11. Actually, I was just thinking about this...yes you do have them in Canada. My sorority has chapters all over Canada. If you were interested in joining if its available to you, feel free to ask me anything, I'll be honest (...which is what almost ALWAYS got me in trouble with the girls in the sorority come to think of it...)

  12. Well hey now...I was in a sorority too :) Sig Kap!

  13. I love the brown and pink mix so much! And those little shoes! So cute.I never got the chance to go to college (yet) so hopefully i'm signing up to take online classes soon.. even though i wanted to be part of a sorority :/. such a sweet post.
    lyndsey of http://hellolyndseyyy.blogspot.com


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