17 November 2011

Leather and pencils

Here is the second item from the swap, a lovely black and white pencil skirt that I roughed up a bit. Back in high school this is exactly how I wanted to look. A little bit polished, a little bit grungy. All I could manage then was vintage tee shirts and a tweed blazer.
Pencil skirts are great thrift finds because there always seems to be an abundance of them. I would recommend buying one that is slightly large on you and then altering it because a fitted skirt should be just that. If I wasn't passing this skirt along in the swap, I would have just hemmed it a bit into a mini-skirt.
BB Dakota leather jacket, vintage tee, vintage skirt via swap, AA tights, Lucky boots, necklace from Thailand
Here is how Lily of Love Charles Vintage styled it. I love how it looks with jewel tones!
The swap includes these stylish blogs:
Love Charles Vintage
District of Chic
Hummingbird Girls
Mousevox Vintage
Missing Lovebirds
Selective Potential


  1. love the checkered skirt with the maroon tights!

  2. YOU LOOK SUPER CUTE! and super edgy, i like it!  xx Elly  

  3. I love thrifting pencil skirts. I have so many of them. I have a houndstooth one like that that I really need to wear sometime soon! I love how you wore the cool leather jacket with it. I'd definitely try that if I had a jacket like that!

  4. love the pencil skirt, and it looks great with the red wine colored tights!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Oh, what a delightful mix of feminine and street-grunge.  You look like the kind of girl I'd have fallen for years ago.

  6. I love it, I am a lover of grungy style as much as I am of girly romantic one. You look great!
    Oh and when I strated buying vintage and thrifting things a few years ago (thirfting is not common in Portugal) I bought two wool pencil skirts! ;)

  7. I love the skirt so much. I really wish I had a skirt like that.


  8. Love this kind of grungy outfits, you should wear this more often!

  9. Great jacket and I love the skirt! It is such a cute, classic pattern.


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