19 November 2011

Heart it Races

Last night LK came and met me at work and I showed her around my office. Friday's we have a beer cart that raises money for Habitat for Humanity, so my supervisor got me a couple beers and we hung around at my desk for a few minutes. LK and I headed over to Lucky Strike about a block from my office for some dinner and drinks. Before the show we had some time so we wandered around Uniqlo and Madewell. I got to try on a really pretty coat and Uniqlo, hopefully on Monday when I go back they have it in my size!
After that we took the N up to Union Square where there was a Holiday Craft Fair. Unfortunately it was closing for the night and they were closing it down and we kept coming to dead ends and had to work our way out of the maze. Once we were free we shared a bottle of cider and walked over to Irving Plaza to see Architecture in Helsinki!
It was completely fantastic, and they closed with Heart it Races, the whole crowd dancing like crazy. Of course at that point we'd already been dancing for the whole set, but it was like getting a huge burst of energy. They played everything I wanted to hear, and it couldn't have been more fun. Afterwards we got to meet Kellie Sutherland on our way out. I just blurted out, "You're fantastic!" and we left to go catch our train gushing about how much fun we'd just had.
I didn't bring my camera because sometimes they won't let you into a show with it. Good thing for phones!


  1. sounds like an extremely enjoyable day. thanks for sharing the pictures!


  2. Haha how funny that they have a beer cart at your work!

  3. Hi kallie, beatiful look...
    Kisses. In japan

  4. AIH put on the BEST live shows. I remember one gig where they did a cover of 'Break My Stride' - so fun! 

  5. So true! I've been to numerous concerts and they never let you in with a DSLR, only the official photographers which is why I bought a point and shoot. It's handy and always trust-worthy. 

  6. lovely pics!!

  7. your night looks awesome! I sometimes wish I didn't bring a camera to shows because that way you're just looking through the camera instead of your eyes most of the time :D

  8. wowie! sounds like a fun night! you have one cool supervisor for bringing you beer! =D


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