30 November 2011

A tour of my bedroom

This is the room I've called home since I was 7 and its been through many phases and redecorations. There are so many things I would love to hang on the walls to make it cozy and decorative, but I'm hesitant since I don't know how long I'll be there. Then again, I've been saying that since I graduated from college in 2009. It is all mine and is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm fine admitting that being so attached to this space is partially what keeps me living here. The street noise is comforting, the late afternoon light through the windows is warm and despite the painfully small closet, its perfect.
When you walk through the door, this is what you will see. My bed is super comfy, but when I first got it at 15 it terrified me. I was used to sleeping on a futon mattress in a loft-style bed or on the floor, and this gigantic monstrosity made me incredibly uncomfortable (like sleeping on a table). The night it came I escaped to my friend Carl's house where we attempted to watch Clerks while I put popcorn in his ears and then I came home and slept on my couch...for a week.
That clock is wrong, but glows so pretty in the dark.
The chests in my room belonged to my great grandparents when they were first married. That bookshelf came from Wal-Mart, hence the sagging shelves. My stuffed dog is named Tater and I'm convinced Rich wants to steal him.
The photobooth pictures are of my friend Nick and I and it makes me laugh every time I think of when we took them (it involves beer). My milk bottle is filled with seashells I collected on vacation.
Maybe Baby is my favorite scent of all time. The bike is from Italy and actually meant to hold keys (or necklaces) and I need to hang it up.
The inside of my too-small closet, packed with vintage dresses and sweaters.
I don't belong to a gym because I would never ever go, but when its too cold to ride my bike I ride this stationary and watch TV.
One of my all time favorite pictures of me and my girlfriends in Paris when we were 18. Sam (on the far left) lives there now!
When I was 16 I went through a phase in which I wore corduroy pants and wings everyday. For my Sweet 16 my friend Kat made these beautiful wings for me by hand and I will keep them forever.
How did I end up with such a huge TV?! It was meant for my college dorm, but then I found an apartment and my TV found a nice home, and Ratatouille.
So that's my room! And yes, it is always this neat because I have issues with disorganization.

Quiet time

This was yesterday. I was very comfy and not feeling verbose.
AA sweater, UO shorts, Hue tights, Lucky boots, BB Dakota leather jacket, Halogen purse

29 November 2011

Mahna Mahna

Over the weekend Rich and I went with some friends to see the Muppet Movie and it was fantastic. Our group was the youngest in the theater, and we brought in Rich's Animal doll and shook him around when he came on scree. It was so much fun! I was smiling the entire way through the movie. There were only 3 times that I found myself crying, first because I was laughing, during Rainbow Connection and finally in the last scene. Even with tears, I was still smiling. What a perfectly fun, enjoyable movie. You must go see it now! Drop what you're doing and go. Its the third best gift in the world (go see it to get the reference).
After the movie Rich and I were talking about how we'd look as Muppets and we found this great website from FAO Schwartz that lets you create a Whatnot or a Muppet of yourself! I would buy one, but its so fun to make them.
Here are Rich and I
These are of Rich, I made the monster one. There were a few I made of myself, but turning my boyfriend into a very manly muppet was much more fun.

28 November 2011

Remember, you're the one Who can fill the world with sunshine

I've been watching Once Upon a Time, and its directly influencing my outfits lately. This green vest was my favorite item of the swap because it reminds me of something Snow White may have worn while thieving in the forest. The unseasonably warm weather made it possible to break out my shorts which kind of pushed the outfit into lederhosen territory, but that's ok! I borrowed my mom's beautiful pin with the bell from Cortina in the Italian Alps, I added the red bird brooch too for contrast on the green. Its going to be hard to part with the vest because it is something I would buy for myself in a heartbeat and wear once a week.
Swap thrifted green vest, Fletcher by Lyell peter pan collar blouse, vintage pins and belt, American Apparel shorts, Bloch ballet flats

Here's how Lily of Love Charles Vintage styled the vest.
And Breanne from Flattery
The swap includes these stylish blogs stay tuned to see how they'll style the items:
Love Charles Vintage
District of Chic
Hummingbird Girls
Mousevox Vintage
Missing Lovebirds
Selective Potential

*Post title from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves "With a Smile and a Song"

27 November 2011

Autumn florals

Here is the third item of the swap, and for me was the hardest to style. The skirt is lovely, and Lily of Love Charles Vintage hemmed it to have an elegant fishtail effect. It isn't normally something I would pick out, so I didn't have much to pair it with. Since the skirt is so feminine and flirty, I thought chambray and black leather boots would toughen it up. The idea of playing with sleeve lengths was inspired by the fishtail, and I added the short sleeved oversized sweater.


This year I didn't take pictures of Thanksgiving dinner, because instead I'd like to show you what I'm thankful for.
My mom
My Grandparents
This guy (and all the fun we have together)
My bestest friend, LK
Adventures with Dave
Friends I don't see often enough, but when I do, its amazing
Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone (even all of you who don't celebrate!). What are you thankful for this year?

22 November 2011

I went out to the forest and caught 100,000 fireflies

This is my most basic outfit and a perfect example of what I look like when I throw something together at 5:30 in the morning and run out the door. A tee shirt, high waisted skirt, cardigan and very few accessories. Happens at least a few times a week. I'm really exhausted but I promise once I'm out of work tomorrow (early office closing!) blogging will go back to...well...whatever is passing for normal these days at Happy, Honey & Lark. Including the last 2 items of the swap, some killer vintage and all the festivities coming up in the next few days.
The post title comes from one of my favorite Magnetic Fields songs from college. The Thanksgiving holiday always makes me think of college for some reason.
anthropologie tee (gift), AA skirt, Hue tights, BP sweater, H&M shoes

20 November 2011


I've become completely obsessed with Pinterest.
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19 November 2011

Heart it Races

Last night LK came and met me at work and I showed her around my office. Friday's we have a beer cart that raises money for Habitat for Humanity, so my supervisor got me a couple beers and we hung around at my desk for a few minutes. LK and I headed over to Lucky Strike about a block from my office for some dinner and drinks. Before the show we had some time so we wandered around Uniqlo and Madewell. I got to try on a really pretty coat and Uniqlo, hopefully on Monday when I go back they have it in my size!
After that we took the N up to Union Square where there was a Holiday Craft Fair. Unfortunately it was closing for the night and they were closing it down and we kept coming to dead ends and had to work our way out of the maze. Once we were free we shared a bottle of cider and walked over to Irving Plaza to see Architecture in Helsinki!
It was completely fantastic, and they closed with Heart it Races, the whole crowd dancing like crazy. Of course at that point we'd already been dancing for the whole set, but it was like getting a huge burst of energy. They played everything I wanted to hear, and it couldn't have been more fun. Afterwards we got to meet Kellie Sutherland on our way out. I just blurted out, "You're fantastic!" and we left to go catch our train gushing about how much fun we'd just had.
I didn't bring my camera because sometimes they won't let you into a show with it. Good thing for phones!

18 November 2011

True November

Yesterday it finally started to look and feel like November, dreary and windy and cold. Normally this would be depressing, but now I can wear some of the outfits I'd been putting together and then putting away because of the warm days. This one was actually hanging up on the back of my bedroom door all week, just waiting for the perfect blustery day.
BB Dakota jacket, Thai silk scarf, H&M dress,sweater,socks,shoes, Hue tights

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