08 October 2011

Red Orange Gold

I'm in North Carolina for the weekend visiting my dad, and while I'm here (watching Bridesmaids with my family...probably not my best suggestion for chillin with my dad and stepmom what with the raunchiness and the cursing) so I'm feeding my Etsy addiction in order to not feel too awkward. I'll probably be really sad/mad at you if you buy any of these things and I can't have them. I won't, I'm just kidding (I will). Can you tell I'm having a serious autumn colors craze?
Red hooded scarf from Zukas
1950's Burnt Orange Velvet Party dress from Quarries
Vintage Millinery Flower Brooch Velvet Nasturtiumsfrom Antoinette's Whims
Penny Farthing Totes from The Bold Banana
Mushroom Dress from Agnes The Owl
50's plaid full-skirt dress from Simplicity is Bliss
Scallop Neckwarmer in Oatmeal from Janelle Haskin
1970's Mustard Tribal Sweater from Prose and Palaver
Hippie Peasant Dress from Majik Horse


  1. Outta my way! I'm buying those nasturtiums!! lol

    A note on raunchy movies, I always conveniently forget the raunchy/cursing parts and suggest movies to my dad. For instance, when I was like 13, I was like "Dad let's go see Liar Liar! It's really good!" That movie has so much foul language and stuff that children should not see.

  2. In preparation for cold weather, I want this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62791958/green-lumberjack-hat-for-red-heads

  3. These are all so cute. I absolutely love etsy-stalking, it's the greatest pastime ever.



  4. Mmmm Autumny. I love the hooded scarf! This year may be the year I finally knit myself one :)

  5. I really like the 50s plaid dress! I have never done an etsy wishlist on my blog as I am scared other people will buy everything!


  6. Oooh, what beautiful colors.  I hope you're enjoying NC.  I have vacationed on the Outer Banks.  (In fact, I discovered its potential for vacation-fun long before the crowds; I visited in the Eighties; told my boss; he bought up half the real estate there and later retired a wealthy man.)

  7. Oh, am I allowed two comments?  Please?

    I just read Catie's first comment which, combined with yours, triggered a great memory.  My parents brought my brother and I to the Commack Drive Inn when we were about ten years old to see my father's choice of movie, "Hells Angels On Wheels."  My parents were very proper, so I don't know what he was thinking but I guess he was fascinated by its scenes of social transgression.  Anyway, ten minutes into the film, my mother starts screaming, "Ralph!  Get us outta here!"  (That was my dad's name, too.)  My brother and I pleaded to stay, as blouses were being torn off nubile young women by dirty bikers assaulting a town.  My dad, reluctantly after ten more minutes of arguing with my mother, finally drove us out of the theater.  I'll never forget that.

    An almost as memorable experience was watching the opening sequence of "Patton" with my parents in a theater when I was about twelve.  George C. Scott starts spouting a fountain of profanity and my mom turned beet-red.  That time, we stayed until the end of the movie.  I actually felt sorry for my mom 'cause she got upset at such scenes.

  8. I wish I had money to buy real estate there! I used to go every summer with my dad to Duck :)

  9. OMG DRIVE IN'S!!! I wish we still had one. We used to go to Westbury and we saw like Independence Day or something and my mom got all stressed bc there's a stripper in the movie haha but she didn't react quite as passionately as your mom. I feel kind of bad for her too! These movies were offending her sensibilities, its kind of sweet. I feel like people nowadays don't even blush (even when Kristen Wiig drops a C-bomb in Bridesmaids).

  10. I'm strategically showing it to everyone who might buy me a Christmas present ;)

  11. Wow, that red hooded scarf is amazing! X

  12. ooooh i love that red hooded scarf, the mushroom dress and the bike tote. i've been meaning to see bridesmaids.  enjoy nc!

  13. I want everything here! Wrapping up in cozy dresses and scarves are the best :) These are my favorite fall colors, they look so sharp around the browns. 

  14. Ashley/ milk teethsOctober 10, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    that tribal sweater! ugh, so good. and I feel you about watching anymore remotely raunchy with a parental figure--so cringe inducing. 

  15. Aren't the colors here gorgeous??? I went out for a drive Sunday and the bright leaves where making me so happy. Are you visiting the coast or the mountains? Also: LOVE that first scarf. It's so perfectly comfy looking. :)

  16. My dad lives smack in the middle of NC actually;) I can't believe its all bright autumn there and barely any color is out here in NY.

  17. Oh how I love that Mushroom Dress! I posted about it in one of my :A Girl Can Dream" posts, I think. It is fantastic.
    Xo Chloe.


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