02 October 2011

Painted Ladies of the North Fork

I've been in love with brilliantly colored homes since I discovered painted ladies from the Victorian and Edwardian years. You may have seen pictures of these colorful beauties from San Francisco, New Orleans or Cape May. While on vacation in Greenport the houses were brilliantly colored, some with delicate details. Some don't fit the exact description of a painted lady (more than three colors), but they all caught my eye as I biked past.
This one was my absolute favorite! I would move in tomorrow.
Wells House Bed & Breakfast
A life-sized gingerbread house.

If I was able to climb the side of this house, it would show the intricate wood details in shades of blues and reds.
Part lighthouse, part wedding-cake.
The Blue Church, and the little Blue Church birdhouse. I am determined to get a better picture next time I'm there.
An eye-catching storefront.
And just for fun, here is my house!


  1. Gorgeous homes.  Nice pictures.  Who wouldn't want to live in one of these??

  2. Ahhh these pictures are gorgeous! *__* Thank you for sharing ^^

  3. Is that really your house at the end there? It's fantastic!

  4. Thank you! And yes, it is really my house. People in our town refer to it as the "doll house," and sometimes we get notes in the mailbox telling us how happy the colors make them.

  5. Gorgeous - I'm a sucker for interestingly painted Victorians! And your house is really cute.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. i love brilliant painted homes too! there are these houses in marthas vineayrd called the gingerbread houses and i always swoon over them!

    <3 steffyhttp://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com

  7. Gorgeous, I would definitely move into that first one too... there should be more coloured houses!

  8. oh my gosh these are the prettiest little houses! i would like to live in that life size ginger bread one -  the olive shutters just do it for me.

  9. The gingerbread one was so perfect, it looks tiny but it stretched back. I am in love with the green shutters. Olive-color is the perfect description :)

  10. ah these are so freaking gorgeous! i would not mind living in any one of the homes in your photos!! looks like a lovely town!

  11. These are so adorable! They look like doll houses. 


  12. I love the wood one with the green shutters the most! how gorgeous. 

    My best friend's in-law's have a gigantic million dollar house in Cape May (we stayed there once) and I don't see the point of two people living in such a huge house at all! It's gorgeous, but I see large expensive houses as unnecessary unless they are always going to rent out rooms or something (or help homeless people stay there). . My mind doesn't think like normal people's. (so sorry!).

  13. I love the pictures.

  14. The blue church is my favorite but, what does the back look like?


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